Sample Paper Science Rajasthan Board 10th Exam

Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education

10th Examination Sample Paper

Subject – Science

  1. What is the definition of recombinant DNA technology? Draw a linear diagram of this technology. Write any four important products and their applications.


Write the process of animal cloning. Draw in brief, the linear diagram of the process.

  1. Explain mutation. How many types of mutation are there on the basis of causes? Explain point mutation with the help of linear diagram.


Describe the molecular structure of DNA of Waston-crick model. Draw a labeled diagram of the model.

  1. Write the definition of bio-manure and vermin compost. What is the means of mycorrhiza? Draw a labeled diagram of symbiotic mycorrhiza.
  2. Define the life cycle of silkworm with diagram and write the method to obtain silk.
  3. why is the blood group O named as zero ( 0 ) group? How does this blood group differ from blood group AB?
  4. What is the function of the following minerals in our body. Which diseases are caused by their deficiency?
    1. Calcium
    2. Iodine
    3. Iron element
  5. From which bacteria are human insulin obtained? What is the name of this insulin?
  6. Explain malnutrition. Explain two diseases in human body caused by the deficiency of protein.
  7. Write the definition of bloodless surgery? Write any two uses of this technique.
  8. What is the scientific name of the vector of malaria and dengue diseases and give the name of larvivorous fish which is dropped into the pond to destroy the larvae of it.
  9. Explain any three uses of biotechnology in the field of medicine.
  10. Draw a checker board with the result of crosses between a pure tall (TT) and pure dwarf (tt) plants up to F2 generation.
  11. What is the main objective of artificial insemination. Explain its two difficulties.
  12. Write the means of genome? Explain with an example.
  13. What are allergens? Write two symptoms derived from it.
  14. Explain the name of two marine algae which are used as food.
  15. By which diseases is a person suffering from if he cannot see in dim light or at night? Deficiency of which vitamin causes this diseases?
  16. What is the difference between red and green biotechnologies.
  17. Where is the reason to call autotrophs as osmotrophs?
  18. Write the name of that place where do the evergreen non-deciduous trees grow?
  19. What is the means of study of environment with reference to the interrelations of plants and animals present in a particular region called?
  20. Explain the differences between euploidy and aneuploidy.
  21. Write any two importances of medal’s laws.
  22. i.    If food chain does not start from producer but begins from dead organism, what are they called

a.   Grass land food chain             b.         Pond food chain

c.   Detritus food chain                 d.         Ocean food chain

ii.   In a food chain, energy reaches in grass-insects-frog-snake-vulture are gradually 1000, 100, 10, 1 and 0.1 k. cal, the biomass will gradually

a.   increase                       b.         remain same

c.   no change                    d.         decrease

iii.  In the sex chromosome, Y chromosome is genetically less important, because it has

  1. higher quantity of DNA
  2. lesser quantity of DNA
  3. higher quantity of RNA
  4. lesser quantity of RNA
    1. What will be the name of Syndrome when an infant weeps as a cat?

a.   Marjar Krandan                       B. Klinefelter’s

c.   Philadelphia-22                       d.  Turner’s


Sample Paper Science Rajasthan Board 10th Exam
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