BSEB 12th English Sample Paper

Bihar School Examination Board 12th Exam 2012

BSEB 12th Examination

Subject  – English

Sample Paper / Model Test Paper 

                                                                                                                                                Marks – 100


1. Read carefully the passage given below and answer the questions that follow:                1×3=12

There is a public library in very town in Great Britain. Most villages have its branches. One may become its member and borrow books free of charge. Three books may be borrowed at a time but only two may be novels. A family of four persons can borrow twelve books. These books can be kept for as fortnight. One can renew a book if not finished for another fortnight. One can renew a book if not finished for it to be kept for you, and if you pay the cost of a postcard the librarian will let you known when the book has been returned and is ready for you.


Answer the following questions:

(a) How can one get the books one wants if it is out?

(b) How many books may be borrowed at a time?

(c) How may books can a family of four persons borrow?

(d) How long the books mat be kept?


2. Make a precis of the following passage and give a suitable title:

Life without friendship is insipid and tiring and boring. Friendship is a precious thing to be treasured by one and all. A friend is need is a friend indeed. A true friend appreciates our virtues but does not keep his eyes closed to out faults. He cames for us and shares our joys as well as sorrows. We turn to our friends for counsel, for comfort and for praise. Blessed is the man or woman who is fortunate to have4 a ture friend. Such friendship should be kept unbroken in all conditions.


3. Write an essay in bout 100-150 words on any one of the topics:                                       10

(a) The book you like most

(b) An Indian festival

(c) Travelling

(d) Importance of Newspaper


4. Change the indirect narration:                                                                                            3

(a) The teacher said, “The Earth revolves round the sun.”

(b) The doctor said to me, “Don’t walk in the sun.”

(c) He said, “I am going to Kolkata.”


5. Change the voice of the following sentences:                                                                    3

(a) Someone picked my pocket.

(b) She is cleaning the soon.

(c) Karunah has bought a beautiful pen.


6. Put the verbs in the following sentences in to correct tense form:                                     3


7. Use the following idioms and phrases in sentences of your own so as to bring out their meaning:


(a) Up and down

(b) Apple of discord

(c) In spite of


8. Pick out the sub-ordinate clauses in the following sentences:                                            3

(a) The hat that he is wearing is mine.

(b) She is the good who fainted in the sun.

(c) That he is rich is beyond any doubt.


9. Fill in the blanks with suitable modal auxiliary verbs:                                                        3

(a) ………. You like a cup of tea.

(b) It ……… rain today.

(c) We …… respect our elders.


10. Transform the following sentences as directed without changing the meaning:              3

(a) How fast he runs! (into assertive)

(b) He is too weak to walk.

(c) Kolkata is the busiest city in India. (Into comparative)




12. Give in short the summary of any one of the following poems.                                       5

(a) Sweetest love I do not go

(b) My grandmothers House

(c) Snake

(d) Ode to autumn.


13. Name the poets who wrote the following lines.                                                               5

(a) I swore to save fire form the sin of forgetfulness.

(b) And gathering swallows twitter in the skies.

(c) there is a house now for away where once I received live.

(d) And the active hands must freeze lonely on the separate knees.

(e) Light of step and heart was she.


14. Match the names given in list-A with appropriate titles from list B.                                5

A                                                         B

(a) W.H. Auden                                  (1) Sweetest love I Do Not Goe.

(b) John Donne                                   (2) The soldier

(c) John Keats                                     (3) Now the leaves are falling fast

(d) Keki N Daruwala                          (4) Fire Hymn

(e) Rupert brooks                                (5) Ode to autumn



15. Name the authors of the following pieces                                                                        3

(a) A marriage proposal

(b) A pinch of snuff

(c) Bharat is my home


16. Complete the following sentences on the basis of your textual reading                          2

(a) Seibei was passionately Interested in…..

(b) …….. was coming to visit the narrator’s family


17. Give is short. The summary of any one of the following                                                 10

(a)India through A Traveller’s Eye

(b) The artist

(c) The Earth



18. Write about the dialects of middle English. OR, Discuss the future of English

in India.                                                                                                                                  5

19. Write the names of Dramatic Elements OR, Write the names of a five novelists

Writing in English.                                                                                                                  5

20. Match list A With list B                                                                                                    5

A                                                                                B

(a) Macbeth                                                     (1) R.K. Narayan

(b) the vision of Piers the Plowman                (2) Alexander Pope

(c) Rape of the Lock                                       (3) William Longland

(d) The Guide                                                 (4) William Shakespeare

(e) Canterbury tales     (5) Alexander Pope

BSEB 12th English Sample Paper
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