Intelligence Bureau / IB PA Sample Paper GS

Intelligence Bureau /IB Personal Assistant (PA) Sample Paper / Model Test Paper 

1. At first which metal had been used by human?

(a) iron       (b) Cuprum

(c) Aluminium (d) Gold

2.      when UNO was established?

(a) 1943     (b) 1944

(c) 1945     (d) 1946

3.      By whom ‘Hindustan Republican Association was     established?

(a) Sachindra Sanyal   (b) Bhagat Singh

(c) Surendra Nath Banarji    (d) Chandrashekhar Azad

4.      How many members are in SAARC?

(a) Seven   (b) Eight

(C) Nine    (D) Ten

5.      Harappan Civilization may be called on the basis of materials got in Excavation

(a) Rural Civilization  (b) Wild Civilization

(c) Urban Civilization (d) Non of these

6.      who had searched ‘Raman Effect’?

(a) Arkimidij      (b) Chandrashekhar Subrahamanyam

(c) Raja Ramanna (d) C.V.Raman

7.      Where is the residence of Garo, Khashi and jayantiya Tribes?

(a) Madhya Pradesh    (b) Jharkhand

(c) Meghalaya              (d) Nagaland

8.      Satyamev Jayte was taken from the Vedic literature:

(a) Bedang (b) Upnishads

(c) Aranyak         (d) Puranas

9.      Who started the postal syatem inIndia?

(a) Lord Dalhauji         (b) Lord Haring

(c) Waren Hestingus    (d) Lord Kaining

10.    The classical dance Kuchhipuri is related to:

(a) Tamil Nadu             (b) Kerala

(c) Karnataka                (d) Andhra Pradesh

11.    What is the national flower ofIndia?

(a) Rose               (b) Lotus

(c) Lily                (d) Marigold

12.    Raja Ravi Verma is related to:

(a) Dance             (b) Music

(c) Painting                   (d) Acting

13.    The first Indian who got Nobel Prize?

(a) C.V Raman    (b) Mother Teresa

(c) Mahatma Gandhi   (d) Ravindra Nath Tagore

14.    Tehri Dam is built on river:

(a) Bhagirathi               (b) Yamuna

(c)Krishna                   (d) Satluj

15.    Which is the smallest planet of the solar system?

(a) Venus            (b) Mercury

(c) Mars               (d) earth

16.    In 1985 first meet of Congress was held at:

(a)Calcutta                   (b)Kanpur

(c)Bombay                  (d)Delhi

17.    Which is the oldest Veda of India?

(a) Rigveda                   (b) Shamveda

(c) Yajurveda               (d) Atharvaveda

18.    Which state ofIndiais situated betweenNepalandBhutan?

(a) Meghalaya              (b)Sikkim

(c) Uttarakhand  (d) Arunachal Pradesh

19.    Where is Indira Point?

(a) Lakshadeep   (b) South Andaman

(c) Great Nicobar         (d) Kerala

20.    Chandragupta Maurya was attained diksha in the religion:

(a) Buddha          (b) Jain      (c) Shikh   (d) Vaishnav

21.    Yamuna, Gandak,Ghagharaand Koshi are Tributary of:

(a) Sindhu           (b) Satlaj

(c) Brahamputra (d)Ganga

22.    IIM is related to:

(a) Indian Management         (b) Indian Technology

(c) Indian Economics            (d) Indian Literature

23.    Khetri is known for:

(a) Cuprum                            (b) Coal

(c) Manganese                       (d) mica

24.    Khajuraho Temples were built in the period of:

(a) Chandel Dynasty             (b) Cholas dynasty

(c) Pallava Dynasty               (d) Gupta  Dynasty

25.    Kalidas was Contemperory to:

(a) Chandragupta Marya       (b) Chandragupta II

(c) Kanishaka                         (d) Harshvardhana

26.    Kanishka owns the religion:

(a) Jain                          (b) Buddha

(c) Shaiva                     (d) vaishnava

27.    Partition ofBengalwas announced in:

(a) 1904                        (b) 1911

(c) 1905                        (d) 1917

28.    Who was the temporary president of Indian constitution committee?

(a) Dr. Rajendra Prasad         (b) Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar

(C) Dr. Sachinand Sinha      (d) Pd. Jawahar Lal Nehru

29.    Delta of Sundarvan is created by the river:

(a)Hooghly                           (b) Kaveri

(C) Ganga                     (d) Damodar

30.    Which of the state does not completely follows Indian Constitutions?

(a) Maharashtra            (b)Gujarat

(c) Arunachal Pradesh          (d)Jammu and Kashmir

31.    Indiais a union of States in which there are:

(a) 22 States and 9 UT               (b) 25 States and 7 UT

(c) 28 States and 7 UT               (d) 28 States and 5 UT

32.         Executive power of Indian union is in:

(a) President                      (b) Prime Minister

(c) Lok Sabha Speaker              (d) Chief justice of Supreme Court

33.Thomos Cup is related to:

(a) Badminton                            (b) Tennis

(c) Football                       (d) Hockey

34.         Deush Mark is currency of:

(a)France                (b)Japan    (c)China   (d)Germany

35.Lahoreis situated on the bank of:

(a) Ravi (b) Indus    (c) Brahmaputra (d)Chenab

36.where  Silicon Valley is situated inIndia?

(a)         Trivandrum        (b) Mumbai        (c)Bangalore      (d) Pune

37. What is the currency of India?

(a) Rupiya                (b) Percent (c) Kyat     (d) dinar

38.         which is the biggest lake of the world?

(a)SuperiorLake    (b)Baikal Lake   (c) Caspian Sea   (d) Titicaca lake

39.         What is the place ofIndiain the world in respect to area?

(a)          Six    (b) Seven   (c) Eight    (d) Nine

40. in production of which mineralIndiais a leading country:

(a) Mica          (b) Iron      (c) Manganese              (d) Aluminium

41. In which Regime the capital ofIndiawas replacedCalcuttatoDelhi?

(a) Lord Karjan       (b) Lord Ripen             (c) Lord Irvin      (d) Lord Harding II

42. Who is the head of C.B.I at present time?

(a) Jogindra Sinngh          (b) Ashok Kumar Rana         (c) R.K Sharma             (d) Manmohan Khurana

43. Whose Indian has gotten Magsese Award?

(a) Soniya Gandhi            (b) Baba Ramdev         (3) Medha Patekar

(d) Prakash and Mandakani Aamte

44. Who was the teacher of Shivaji?

(a) Namdev         (b) Ramdas         (3) Eknath (d) Tukkaram

45. Popular Tourist Ibnbatuta had come:

(a) Purtgal (b) Morrakko      (c)China   (d)Tibet

46. The instruments that measures the intensity of Earthquake:

(a)Indiograph (b) Pantograph      (c) Argo graph    (d) Seismograph

47. Which town was knownShaswatTown?

(a)London          (b)Athens(c) Rom     (4)Berlin

48. Which Indian player has won Gold Medal in Olympic 2011?

(a) Abhinav Bindra     (b) Sushil Kumar         (c) Bijendra Kumar      (d) Akhil Kumar

49. Who is the Chief Minister Of India?

(a) Sonia Gandhi         (b) laksmi Sehgal         (c) A.P.J Abjul Kalam (d) Pratibha Patil

50. Who is the writer of ‘Indika’?

(a) Justine  (b) Megasthanij  (c) Plini     (d) Strabo

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