Kerala PSC Teacher Recruitment

Kerala  Public Service commission (Kerala PSC)

Kerala public service commission (Kerala PSC) is the most important government recruiting agency in Kerala. It is going to carry out the recruitment on various vacant seats. For this online applications are invited by desired candidates. Details of this recruitment are being shown below:

Date of Publication of advertisement: – 30 Nov ,2011
Last date of submission of application: – 05 Jan, 2011

1. Notification number – 365/2010

Name of post –

a. Tutor in Organ on of Medicine
b. Tutor in Pharmacy  in Govt. Homoeopathic Medical   COLLEGE

2. Notification number – 366/2010 and 367/2010

Name of post – a. Assistant Engineer (Civil)

i) Open quota-366/2010
ii) Departmental quota -367/2010 in Harbor Engineering

3. Notification number – 368/2010

Name of post – Vocational Teacher- Catering & Restaurant Management
in Kerala Vocational Higher Secondary  Education

4. Notification number – 369/2010

Name of post – a. Vocational Teacher- Catering & Restaurant Management
in Kerala Vocational Higher Secondary Education

5Notification number – 371/2010

Name of post – lecturer in Production Engineering in Technical Education
Notification number – 370/2010
6. Name of post – a. Workshop Instructor in Automobile Engineering
in Technical Education

7. Notification number – 373/2010

Name of post – a. Vocational Instructor in Livestock Management

in Kerala Vocational Higher Secondary Education
Notification number – 372/2010
8. Name of post – a. Surveyor Grade II in Kerala Water Authority

9. Notification number – 374/2010

Name of post – a. Junior Officer (Computer) in Foam Matting’s (India) Ltd.

10. Notification number – 376/2010

Name of post – a. Lecturer in Kaumarabhritya in Ayurveda Medical Education

11. Notification number – 375/2010
Name of post – a. Lecturer in Pursuit & Stirring in Ayurveda Medical Education

12. Notification number – 377/2010

Name of post – a. Higher Secondary School Teacher Chemistry (Junior)
in Kerala Higher Secondary Education

13. Notification number – 378/2010

Name of post – a. Pharmacist Grade II in Health services

14Notification number – 379/2010

Name of post – a. Full Time Junior Language Teacher (Arabic)\ UPS
in Education

15. Notification number – 380/2010

Name of post – a. LP School Assistant (Tamil Medium) in Education

16. Notification number – 381/2010

Name of post – a. LD typist (Ex-Servicemen Only) in NCC/Sank Welfare

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Kerala PSC Teacher Recruitment
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  1. Distance education and classroom education is not a problem as long as that reflects on your knowledge … for example standard exams like UPSC treats distance exams same as classroom program. .. as you said you are going to get a job in aided school … that will not be a problem …

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