NDA Sample Paper – Biology

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NDA Sample Paper

Subject – Biology


1. Bile is secreted by the –

(a) kidney                  (b) liver

(c) pancrease           (d) spleen

(e) walls of the stomach

2. The ‘Universal Recipient’ belongs to blood group –

(a) O                                                                        (b) A

(c) B                                                                               (d) AB

(e) None of these

3. Carbon becomes available to crop plants in the from of –

(a) amino acids                                  (b) carbon dioxide

(c) carbonates                                      (d) element carbon

(e) carbonhydrates

4. Which one of the following cartilage helps in the easy birth of young ones without damage to pelvic girdle?

(a) Fibrous Cartilage

(b) Hyaline Cartilage

(c) Elastic Cartilage

(d) Non – elastic Cartilage

(e) None of these

5. Blood circulates from arteries to veins through microscopic vessels known as –

(a) capillaries                                                (b) corpuscles

(c) cells                                                             (d) calories

(e) tubes

6. Antibiotics are –

(a) anaesthetic substances

(b) sleeping pills

(c) special medicines used during surgical operations

(d) drugs prepared from from moulds and mould like organism

(e) medicines against contamination of wounds

7. Blood is composite system consisting of –

(a) plasma and red blood cells

(b) plasma, white blood cells and red blood cells

(c) cells of bone marrow and spleen, and plasma

(d) plasma and white blood cells

(e) protoplas and hemoglobin


8. Xerophytes are –

(a) plant tissues which carry out transportation of water minerals and food from one par t to another

(b) the plants adapted to grow in dry habitats

(c) the male reproductive parts of the flower

(d) organisms living on dead organic matter

(e) none of these

9. What does phototropism mean?

(a) movement of the plant towards water and moisture

(b) specialized protoplasm from which arises a cilia

(c) union between unequal gametes

(d) movement of plant towards light

(e) movement

10. Who discovered Insulin?

(a) F. Banting                (b) Edward Jenner

(c) Ronald Ross                  (d) Jonas E. Salk

(e) S.A.Wakesman

11. With what discovery is Alexander Flemming associated?

(a) circulation of blood

(b) laws of heredity

(c) discovery of tubercle bacillus

(d) discovery of pencillin

(e) discovery of sap in plants

12. The deficiency of which constituent causes goiter?

(a) water                            (b) vitamin C

(c) Vitamin A                        (d) iodine

(e) calcium

13. Name the part of organ of the human body most commonly affected by diphtheria –

(a) Lungs                                     (b) Intestine

(c) Eyes                                           (d) Nose

(e) Thraot

14. Where is the location of the pituitary gland in the body?

(a) Base of the brain

(b) Base of the neck

(c) Behind the stomach

(d) kidneys

(e) Lever

15. Who is/ are credited with the discovery of the structure of DNA?

(a) James Watson and Francis Crick

(b) Hargovind Khurana

(c) Jagdish Chandra Bose

(d) Mendeleef

(e) None of these

16. Which of the following is not a defect of eye?

(a) Myopia                             (b) Hypermetropia

(c) Glucoma                               (d) Trachoma

(e) Eczema

17. Which of the following is not an endocrine gland?

(a) Pituitary                             (b) Thyroid

(c) Adrenal                                    (d) Spleen

(e) Parathyroid

18. ‘Polycythemia’ is the increase in the number of RBCs in the body due to –

(a) Muscular exercise

(b) Environmental temperature

(c) High altitude

(d) Hormonal disease

(e) All of these

19. Name the disease of the bones caused by the deficiency of vitamin D in the body –

(a) Beri – Beri                                   (b) Scurvy

(c) Trachoma                                        (d) Deabetes

(e) Rickets

20. Blood is purified in –

(a) lungs                 (b) kidneys

(c) arteries                (d) veins

(e) heart

21. Reflex action is the function of –

(a) autonomous nervous system

(b) medulla

(c) cerebelum

(d) cerebrum

22. Fats are digested by –

(a) bile                         (b) erepsin

(c) pancreatic juice          (d) enzume lipase

(e) enzyme ptyalin

23. Sunlight produces –

(a) Vitamin A          (b) Vitamin B

(c) Vitamin C             (d) Vitamin D

(e) Vitamin E

24. Hepatitis is a disease of the –

(a) eyes                                    (b) liver

(c) kidney                                    (d) heart

(e) brain

25. Which of the following is not an essential function of the skin in the human body?

(a) protects the internal organs of the body

(b) acts as a sensory organ

(c) throws out nitrogenous waste in the form of sweet

(d) regulates the temperature of the body

(e) gives shapes to the body

26. Which of the following is not concerned with lungs?

(a) respiration                         (b) pneumonia

(c) pulmonary tuberculosis

(d) purification of blood

(e) epilepsy

27. In digestion bile provides –

(a) enzymes

(b) hormones

(c) alkaline medium in the duodenum

(d) iron

(e) copper

28. Oxyntic cells in stomach mainly secrete –

(a) Pepsin                            (b) HCl

(c) Mucous                              (d) Lipase

(e) Ptyalin

29. Who was the founder of Homeopathy?

(a) Berliner                                             (b) Robert Koch

(c) Hahnemann                                         (d) Broquet

(d) Elias How

30. Streptomycin was discovered by –

(a) Alexander Flemming

(b) Joseph Lister

(c) Wakesman

(d) W. Shockley

(e) None of these

31. Pigmented layer of the eye is known as –

(a) retina                     (b) sclerotic

(c) choroid                                    (d) cornea

(e) cone

32. Edward Jenner discovered –

(a) Antiseptic surgery

(b) Small pox Vaccine

(c) Inslin

(d) Malaria parasite

(e) Radium

33. Blood group of an individual is determined by –

(a) haemoglobin

(b) antigen on RBC

(c) antigen on WBC

(d) genes

(e) both, by RBC and WBC

34. A cardiogram is used to trace the –

(a) growth of plants

(b) pulsation of the cardiac nerve

(c) defects in the small intestine

(d) proper heart function

(e) function of lungs

35. What is allergy?

(a) it is a high altitude disease

(b) it is an abnormal reaction of the body by the introduction of a foreign substance

(c) it is an attitude of repulsion towards one’s enemies

(d) it is bad habit of backbiting others

(e) it is a high blood pressure disease

Answer Sheet

1. – (b)8. – ( b)15. – (a)22. –  (c)29. – (c)
2. – (d)9. – (d)16. – (e)23. –  (d)30.- (c)
3. – (b)10.  –(a)17. – (d)24. –  (b)31. – (c)
4. – (a)11. – (d)18. – (c)25. –  (e)32. – (b)
5. – (a)12. – (d)19. – (e)26. –  (e)33. – (b)
6. – (d)13. – (e)20. – (b)27. –  (c)34. – (d)
7. – (b)14. – (a)21. – (b)28. – (b)35. – (b)
NDA Sample Paper – Biology
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