How to Prepare 12th Physics in Bihar Board?

How to prepare Physics 12th (Intermediate)

In the examination of 12th Physics is more important portion from where student can get more marks easily. In the context of this exercise student must have follow the some tips.

These may be very fruitful for the student who is going to participate in the examination of 12th.

v     In physics most of the derivation based on calculus, so student should pay more attention in this part along with Vector.

v     Preparation of Fundamental is also more required.

v     As the previous years examinations trend show that more questions are asked from the Electricity and Current Electricity; so emphasis on this particular portion of physics. At around 50% will be secured after well preparation these two portions.

v     Numerical questions mainly asked form the chapter Optics and Current Electricity; so revised more and more for better grip. In this part of question most of the student pressurized himself during the time of examination.

v     All the Theorem and Formula must be remembered.

v     Time management is the key to solve the question in examination. For developing the skill of time management solve the question in time during the practice.

v     Solving more sample paper would be better idea for preparations.

How to Prepare 12th Physics in Bihar Board?
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