How to prepare for AIPMT ?


Any student who has dream to be a doctor and in a row of candidates, who are in preparation of medical entrance test, it is sure they have applied for AIPMT. Now count down of AIPMT 2011 has started. The examinationis at hand and it will be conducted on April 3 2011.

The candidate who wants to has to crack AIPMT or any other Medical Entrance Test like BHU, AIIMS, or Entrance test related to any state. To cross over the hurdle of AIPMT you have to make a strategy. If you prepare with a better strategy then your way will become easy.

This is the time when students are scared of the test as candidates start to think more about result than preparation. This time is the most important time for preparation to nock the test. So students have to continue his preparation without any thoughts of success or failure. They have to focus only one preparation of examination.


At first time Management is an important factor. In this test question are related to four subjects. These are Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Physics and Chemistry will have 50 questions each and Biology will have 100 questions in which Zoology 50 questions and Botany 50 questions each. If we calculate time then each question will have less than one minute. So it is important to attempt first such questions which are less time taking. The questions which take more time, you should attempt that afterward. In other words it can be said that you should touch tough questions at last.

You can practice this at your home. For testing yourself at first, attempt questions of one chapter from each subject and after that try to solve total questions of a question paper.

In this process last year question will be helpful for you. Try to solve the question paper under time limit. By this process you will know the technique of solving questions and recover your error if any.

Usually candidates have to revise all chapters, but it will be better if you choose the chapter from which more questions are asked every year. In Biology important chapters are Cytology, Molecular Bio and Genetics, Ecology, Applications of Biology. In Chemistry there are three parts Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. In Physical Chemistry emphasize on formulae. In chemistry prepare by making points. Keep attention on thermo dynamics and SHM of 11th. On the basis of questions asked in previous years it can be said that electronics and Modern Physics, Mechanics, Electrostatics and Magnetism are the most important chapters to prepare for. Heat, Light and Sound are also very important portions. Generally students give more weightage to Mechanics but they should avoid this habit and read other parts equally. In Physics read more numerical than theory. For this focus on formulae more and more and memorize it. In Chemistry paper focus on numerical in physical Chemistry, Chemical reaction in Organic Chemistry and theory in Inorganic Chemistry.

If you are attempting second or third time for this examination then you have to get by heart that don’t repeat the mistakes done by you in past. Besides this, try to overcome previous mistakes.

More students think that in Biology more marks can be got and the students who have more knowledge of Biology become successful but it is not true. If you focus on all subjects then chances to succeed will increase.

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