How to Prepare for IAS P.T. (Prelims) ?



If you really want to succeed in the forthcoming is exam, only the read this article. Here are some sure shot mantras you must follow to crack the prelims 2011


UPSC has changed the pattern of the Civil Services Preliminary exam (CSAT); still many aspirants follow the same old strategy of reparation to tackle the prelims. However, experts suggest that following the old strategy will be disastrous in the changed scenario and suggest a 7 steps strategy for sure success in the prelims.

Strategy # 1: Study all previous papers:

What is the first advice any I.A.S Topper gives you on Civil Services Exam Preparation:” Go through question papers of the last 15 years.” But when you go thorough the last 15 years’ question papers, you will find that: NOT A SINGLE QUESTION HAS BEEN REPEATED!!  Then what is the big idea behind the advice of “refer all previous question asked in the civil services exam are related (repeat – RELATED) to questions asked over the previous years. Therefore the first booster strategy is learning all topics related to the questions asked in the previous years.

Strategy # Study all current events:

Another trend of the UPSC Paper is that all questions have a root in a current event, In other words no question is being asked just for the sake of asking a question. On the other hand all questions (2010 GS Question Paper again prove this fact) are compiled based on some events happened in the previous year ended one month before the exam. Hence the second strategy is to have a good command over all national and international events happened in the previous year month before the exam. Hence the second strategy is to have a good command over all national ad international events happened from January 2010 till date (Precisely till April – May  2010)

Strategy # 3: Study all probable questions:

There are some good teachers in different parts of the country some good teachers in different parts of the country especially in Delhi who predict questions for the prelims. Many toppers believe that predictions of these teachers are worthy to follow because you will see a lot of those predicted questions in the actual exam paper. Try to get all those probable questions from those teachers and study that too.

Strategy # 4: Learn short cut methods:

Paper 2 of the prelims require not just the subject knowledge, but the talent to solve maximum questions in the minimum time possible. The only way t achieve this is, by learning short cut methods to solve problems in Numeracy and Mental Ability.

Strategy # 5: Practice Practice and Practice in real exam condition:

Since the exam is highly application based and require more talent than content knowledge, more practice only will make you perfect for the real exam. Attempt as many mock tests as possible. Even at home, when you attempt test papers pay special attention to maintain the time factor.

Strategy # 6: Learn How to write exam:

All of you know how to write the exam, isn’t? Reach the exam hall in time, Collect the question paper and start answering! Wow! Wish it was so simple! But remember that this is only one part of the story. If you really want to do well and outmart others, you have to knw, how to attempt the exam in a smart manner. If you don’t have this pre – requisite, definitely you will attempt many questions, but result will not as you expect.

Strategy # 7: Programme your mind to Succeed:

Many aspirants fail to the the desired result of because of their lack of preparation, but because of their poor programming of mind. Therefore start programming your mid for a super success in the forthcoming IAS Exam

Here is a small method to programming your mind towards this end: Take a picture of Musssoorie Academy and put it on your desktop or place it on the wall of your study study room and always imagine about undergoing training there.

Create these kinds of powerful imaginations regularly. Initially you may think that, this is as silly exercise, but this is what all toppers exactly did for their super victory

Work Smart not hard!

In the old pattern of the exam hard Work was essential, but the changed pattern demands Smart work and not hard Work. What is smart work? It is nothing but a student plan designed on the basis of the smart strategies given in the previous page. Now you may wonder how to design a Smart Plan based on these strategies. Don’t worry, JTS Institute – acclaimed by leading newspapers like The Times of India as “ the best coaching centre in India for IAS exam coaching” has a ready made Smart Package.

How ‘Smart Package – 2011’ helps you crack the Prelims?

This Smart Package – 2011 has been prepared strictly according to the   strategies mentioned above, and you will be getting materials and support to tackle all the seven strategies suggested by experts in a very professional way. Just see what area the content of the Smart Package – 2011

1. Prelims Magic 2011 (For Paper – 1):

This book introduces a very innovative approach to study the previous exam papers. In this book, you will find questions asked over the last 15 years’ Civil Services Preliminary Exams (GS) plus information required to answer 10 – 25 related questions. In 2009 prelims, this were asked from it. In 2010 prelims also it worked well can implement the

Strategy # 1 mentioned above in the shortest time possible.

2: Current Affairs updates:

All current national and International events, happened during the last one year have been presented in the form of Mock Test with explanatory of this module you will be through with completion of this module you will be thorough with all current events and you will fulfill the requirement of the Strategy#2

3. Probable questions predicted by 52 Teachers: As mentioned above in strategy #, there are some good teachers in different parts of the country especially in Delhi who predict questions or topics for the prelims. JTS Institute has identified 52 such teachers – many of tem are well known is IAS Coaching circles – and included the same in the Mock Test with explanatory answer or as separate booklets.

4. Short Cut Methods:

The study material we provide, especially that of subjects coming under paper – 2 are enriched with short cut methods, wherever possible.

5. 45 Mock Tests Papers: JTS Institute’s Smart Package – 2011 consists of 45 Mock Test papers. No other institute offers such a vast set of mock tests, All attempting each test, you will be getting practice in test taking + knowledge about probable questions + additional information about current events.

6. How to write exam: JTS Institute’s Smart Package  – 2011 includes a booklet on how to attempt the exam in a smart manner and how to improve your score in Objective Type Exams. These are al some very practical exam tips suggested by IAS Toppers of the past years

7. Mind Programming: Smart Package – 2011 also provides you with a very effective material that guides you to programme your mind to attract success and only success.






How to Prepare for IAS P.T. (Prelims) ?
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