How to Prepare Mathematics for Assistant Secretariat Examination

How to Prepare Mathematics for Assistant Secretariat Examination

Mathematics is key subject on which the candidate can bank on. Due to the nature of it’s a candidate can secure full marks, if he/she has sound knowledge of Mathematics. They acknowledge it to start of their academic session to current session. It is proven fact that mathematics can produce much more marks other than rest of the subject; not only in academic levels but also in the competitive examinations.

Whenever talk about how to prepare mathematics for Assistant Secretariat, here are some revelation. According to syllabus which is released by the Staff Selection Commission Bihar (BSSC), the paper of mathematics contains 50 marks. The question will be asked from the following segments:

1)    Number System

2)    Basic Operations (fundamental of mathematical calculations )

3)    Fraction

4)    Decimal

5)    Simple Interest & Compound Interest

6)    Profit and Loss

7)    Percentage

8)    Ratio and Proportion

9)    Average

Note:– It is suggested to the candidate who wants to crack the examination, must have clear concepts on the above mention chapters.

Chapters which would be more fruitful in the context of preparations

It is mandatory that there is no any shortcut for the success, but here are some isolated topics from mostly questions asked.

In Number System the concept about Rational and Irrational must be cleared, like differences between these two numbers and their properties. In the chapter of Basic operations the questions trend indicated about implementation of formulas (BODMAS). The topic of Percentage is very crucial for the candidate, because its co-existence with the chapter like Mensuration. In this particular segment increase/decrease related questions which is related to area, volume of given field may be asked. Besides of these questions will be asked from Ratio and Proportion.

Books which would be helpful for preparation perspective

As you know so many books are available in the market for preparing the examination like it. But book of R.S Agrawal is more authentic and error free for the candidate in this regard; because all the topics from where questions asked in the examination are available. The technique which is given to solve the questions is given both ways. Means candidates knows the conventional methodology to solve the question as well as short tricks methodology. Candidate should revise the chapters from NCERT books of standard 8th to 10th for satisfactory mode. Bihar Text Books Corporation (BTBC) published books of mathematics of standard 8th to 10th may be also helpful In this regard.

Some more points which should be notice about:-

1)    Accuracy is key of success because the answer given if it is right then you got marks, but if it is not right then you lost the marks obtained.

2)    Solving questions in time it is necessary for the candidate; because the time limitations produce more pressure on the participants.

3)    It is general overview, in the examination hall candidates feel more under pressure to perform better; so that times face the situation lightly.

4)    In the examination hall solve the question first which is easy for candidate and there is no need to take a risk to guess the answer which is beyond the candidate’s ability.

How to Prepare Mathematics for Assistant Secretariat Examination
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