ICSE 11th Board Sample Paper Social Science

ICSE 11th Board 2012 Sample Paper Social Science

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Social Science

Class – XI

1.                  How can be solved the problem of Regionalism? Explain
2.                  What do you mean by Communalism? Give your explanation about evil effects of Communalism.
3.                  What is Social and Economic causes of Beggary.
                    Give your view about to remove Prostitution.
4.                  Define the effects of Technological factors on Social and Family life.
                    Explain the supporting conditions of Social Progress
5.                  How can be defining the causes of Tribal Problems?
                    Which types of problem can increase in the family of Tribes?
6.                  Explain about that method by which maintained in diversity in Indian Society.
7.                  Write your explanation about that effort which is being made to National integration.
8.                  Write the definition of Alcoholism? Mention about the factors of Alcoholism.
9.                  Define the current changes in contemporary Indian Caste system.
10.                Mention about the characteristics of the class.
11.                Write the explanation about the bases of Social stratification in India.
12.                Define the main characterises of Rural Community.
13.                What is Dowry system? Define its merits.
14.                Explain about the Youth perspective regarding Dowry.
15.                Explain any three factors of changing status of Women in modern India.
16.                Give your explanation about the religious disabilities of scheduled castes.
17.                Define any three types of Social Movement.
18.                Explain any three functions of a Leader.
19.                Mention three characteristics of Verna System.
20.                Give two reasons of creates diversity in India?
21.                What is Cultural lag? Explain.
22.                Write the definition of Dowry System.
23.            There are struggle between regarding status and role among the women. What is reason behind it?
                   Define any two suitable reasons.
24.                Which types of person will be called Backward?
25.                What do you mean by social stratification?
26.                Explain any two forms of a leader.
27.                Define any two purpose of Hindu Marriage.
28.                Write the definition of Culture which has been defines by E.B. Taylor.
29.                Mention two causes of Hindu religion.
ICSE 11th Board Sample Paper Social Science
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