AP Board of Intermediate Education IPE English Sample Paper

 Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education

IPE 2012

Subject : English

Section – A

  1. Annotate any two of the following:

a)      “ The blood of beasts is always in man”

b)      “ To be a successful writer, you must be write interestingly”

c)      “ All became one in the face of the common danger”

d)     “What are they coming for? They have not been here for a gas”

  1. Answer any two of the following:

a)     Nanate the way the young boy conducted the oils women across the start.

b)      How does W.H Daries, lose his cheerfulness in cities?

c)      How is the ‘Virtuous son’ different from the item mentioned earlier in the poem?

d)     Who will show the speaker how to laugh naturally again? Explain the significance.

  1. Answers any two questions:

a)      “The dew shall weep they fall tonight;

For them must die”

b)      He passed beside me , and whispered low, I’ll help you

c)      “ No doubt he is selfish man, who shows poor creatures sad and war”

d)     “ Going by my passport they call me Indian abroad”

  1. Answer any two question of the following:

a)      Why did R.K Narayan feel elated at the end?

b)      How according to Lester R, Brown, can we stabilize population?

c)      Explain how the imp displays a good understanding of human nature?

d)     What he did Gandhi play during the storm?

Answer any one of the following:

  1. Describe the meeting between tom canty and Edward, the prince of Wales. What happens as a consequence of their meeting?

a)      Sketch the character of Edward todor?

b)      Who is miles hendon? Describe the role played by him is rescuing the young prince. How he is finally rewarded?

Section – B

  1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

A man who was jealous of mulla nasruddins accomplishments accosted him on the street with three of his cronies and said him, “what ever you can do, and I can do better and in half the time. Go on propose any task. My friends here will be the judges”!

“All right” sai nasruddin.” I propose to live a thousand years. Let your friends observe if you age only 500 years in the time and remaning in better condition than me.”


  1. The stpry proved that
    1. The man was wise
    2. The mulla was wise
    3. The three comics were wise (Choose than answer)
  2. Why was the man jealous of mulla nasruddin?
  3. What did the mulla propose to-do?
  4. Who accompanied that man?
  5. What was the ma’s challenge to the mulla?
  6. Study the following pic chart and answer the questions given after its:

i)                    What does the pie-chart show?

ii)                  The amount invested in LIC policies is equal in amount to

a)      Fixed deposits FD is the bank

b)      Fixed adiposities FD in the bank and public provident fund

c)      Public provident fund

iii)                LIC refers to………..

a)                        Large Indians companies

b)                        Life insurance corporation

c)                        Language of Indian co-operations

iv)                in which two areas is the amount of savings the same?

v)                  In which type of savings does Mr. Venketesh invest the most?

  1. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

By and by tom’s reading and dreaming about princely life had a strong effect upon him that he even began to unconsesiosly act like a prince. His speech and manners become enormously ceremonious and ragas much to the admiration and amusement of his friends in time they began to look up to him with a sort or awe as a superior being. He seemed to know so much! He seemed so deep and so wise and could say and do such marvelous things! Soon even fully grown people began to nook to tom for solutions to their problems and were often astonished at the wit and wisdom of his decisions. In fact he became a hero to all who knew him. All expect his own family; they also saw nothing special in him.


  1. Why did tom began to act like a prince?
  2. Every one who knew tom saw something special in him says true or false?
  3. Did tom begin to act in a planned way?
  4. How did his friends react to tom’s acting as prince?
  5. What qualities of tom’s decisions astonished even fully grown people?
  6. Read the following advertisement and answer the questions that follow:


  1. Mentions two conditions that help one get ‘discounts’
  2. Name the course that requires extra and free
  3. How ling will the course run?
  4. The cause is open to……….
  5. Name the organizers of the project?

Section – C

  1. Mark the stress for any five of the following words

i. Timber                                  vi. Derive

ii. Continue                             vii. Exclaim

iii. Variations                           viii. Activity

iv. Indecent                             ix. misted

v. Loving                                 x. Children

11.       Pick any five of the following words and say if they had one, two syllabus or


i. Attend                                  vi. Questions

ii. Reality                                 vii. Quite

iii. Knife                                  viii. Objections

iv. Reluctance                         ix. Monsoon

v. Light                                   x. passage

12.       Match the words in column ‘A’ with their meaning in column ‘B’

Column ‘A’                                                                 Column ‘B’

1. Genetics                              a) the part of the universe where there are living being

2. Biosphere                            b) a show of motion by stars

3. Monsters                 c) one who spends money for others welfare

4. Pessimist                 d) the study of here dido

5. Theocracy                e) life and history of animals

f) Government by the guidance of god

e) A place where monks line

f) One who looks at the darker side of things?

13.       Read the following passage make notes

The metropolitan museum of art New Yorkis one of the first museums in the world. If sparks with the rarest painting, sculptures, jewelers and artifacts from all fine continents. Here art flourishes regardless of geographical boundaries and time zones the collection includes over there million works of art spamming 5000 years of word culture, from prehistory to the present.

The museum was forwarded in 1870 by a group of American businessmen. Fancies artists and intellectuals It received its first collection of 1721 European paintings in 1870 and today has over 3000 paintings one of the times collections in the world.

Visiting India thought different time zones is possible in the rich. Electric collection of the met. The connection with India goes a long way back because a Pala sculptures was donated to it as for back as 1891.

Today the metropolitan museum contains the most comprehensive museum contains the most comprehensive collection of Indian anywhere outside India”. Says Steven kossak, curator of the south asian gallenesies at the met, four Indian grabbiest deserve special mention. One is a seated gandharan Buddha which may be the first gandharan metal image of the Buddha known. The second is a bronze sculpture of goddess parvati. Which is one or the finest cola period sculptures outsideIndia?

There is also powerful gupt period terracotta of Krishna Killing keshi the horse demon another master piece is the statue or yashoda and Krishna from southIndia. Perhaps Karnataka, fourteenth century which depicts yashoda nursing the impactKrishna

The mat is really a collection of museums and can take several visits to be seen fully. It commits be done in a day more than one can read all the books of a library in a single day.

14.       Fill in the blank with suitable information draw an amount of Rs.2500/-

i)          Hello! Good morning

ii)         Good! Morning___________?

iii)        I want wheat flour and corn flakes

iv)        Why not? ___________them

v)         Then give me those two things

vi)        Can I get 2 kgs or wheat flour and ______________for Rs 100/-

viii)      Yes, both will cost you Rs.95/-

  1. Prepare a curium aviate make use of the given information:

Hints: Apply for the post of telephone operator for a factory. The candidates should be a postgraduate in English or science subject. Should be very fluent in English, Telgu and Hindi ready to work on shifts system Send your curriculamaveate to the chief manager (HRD) with in ten days.

  1. Write a report on the following in about 75 words:

i)                    Sharma can campaign


ii)                  Need for a separate regarding room

  1. Write a letter to your brother asking him to send you same money


Write a letter to the editor of news paper about the negligence of the municipal authorities to cover the manholes.

  1. Write a paragraph of about 50 words on how to wash your clothes with the help of a washing machine


Write a short paragraph of about 50 words on how to arrange postal stamps in your album

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