JAC 10th Board Psychology Sample Paper

JHarkhand Academic Council

12th Board Sample Paper

Subject – Psychology

  1. How can you cope up your stresses?
  2. Explain the various type of intellectual deficiency and its reason.
  3. Write the factors of population explosion. Explain in deeply.
  4. Explain the relationship between behaviour and attitude.
  5. How can be saying ‘Poverty is a social problem’.
  6. Explain about environmental stresses.
  7. Mention the effect of air pollution on behaviour.
  8. What is psycho dynamic therapy? Define.
  9. What do you mean major psychological disorders?
  10. What is the effect of group on the individual’s behaviour development?
  11. How can be defining healthy life style?
  12. Define the role of culture on intelligence?
  13. Write the various types of personality.
  14. Define giftedness?
  15. Mention the meaning of work motivation?
  16. What is the definition of intelligence?
  17. How can be defining abnormal behaviour?
  18. What is behavioural therapy?
  19. What is personnel selection? Explain.
  20. Write the definition o Stress.
  21. What are projective measures of personality?
  22. How many types of groups.
JAC Model Test Paper / Sample Paper
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