BSEB / Bihar Board Intermediate / 12th Examination Sample Paper – English

Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB)





1. Use the following idioms and phrases in sentences of your own so as to bring out their meaning clearly:

(a) Look after             (b) In front of              (c) All in all

2. Combine the following simple sentences into one complex sentence each:

(a) He will pass. It is certain.

(b) Where is the museum? Can you tell me?

(c) He is poor. He is happy.

3. Fill in the blanks with suitable modal auxiliary verbs:

(a) You ………. do your duty.

(b) We ………. Respect out elders.

(c) I ………… swim across the river.

4. Turn the following sentences into Indirect speech:

(a) Hari said, “Two and two makes four.”

(b) He said, “Hurrah! We have won the match.”

(c) The teacher said to me, “Why do they go to Delhi?”

5. Transform the following sentences as directed without changing the meaning:

(a) Can you repair this machine?                   (Into Assertive)

(b) The pencil is too small to mend.              (Remove ‘too’)

(c) Kolkata is the biggest city in India.         (Into positive)

6. Translate the following sentences into English:


7. Choose the correct tense forms of the verbs given in brackets and fill in the blanks:

(a) He ……….. (listen) to the radio now.

(b) I …………. (leave) Patna last year.

(c) I shall not go out if it …………. (rain).

8. Change the following sentences into Passive voice:

(a) The peon opened the gate.

(b) She can win the prize.

(c) People speak Hindi in Bihar.

9. An old man had three sons who often quarreled with one another. They paid no attention to their father’s advice not to do so. One day he called all his sons together and gave them a bundle of sticks and asked each of them to try in turn and break the bundle. Each of them tried but failed. The old man then asked them to untie the bundle and break the sticks separately. Not to speak of the eldest, even the youngest one broke the sticks without any difficulty. Then the old man told his sons that they should see the power of unity. If they lived united no harm would come to them: if they quarreled, they would have to face difficulty.


(a)   How did the three sons behave with one another?

(b)  Did they heed to their father’s advice?

(c)   What did the old man do next?

(d)  What moral do you get from the above passage?

10. Write an essay in about 100-150 words on any one of the following topics:

(a) Television

(b) The book you like most

(c) A memorable day in your life

(d) An ideal family

11. Make a precis of the following passage giving a suitable title:

One of the most widely spread bad habits is the use of tobacco. Tobacco is now smoked or chewed by men, often by women and even by children, almost all over the world. It was brought into Europe from America by Sir Walter Raleigh four centuries ago, and has thence spread everywhere. We very much doubt whether there is any good in the habit, even when tobacco is not used to excess: and it is extremely difficult to get rid of the habit when once it has been formed.


12. Match the names given in List-A with appropriate titles from List-B : 5

List-A                                     List-B

(a) Rupert Brooke                   (i) Song of myself

(b) D. H. Lawrence                 (ii) To Autumn

(c) Walt Whitman                  (iii) The soldier

(d) John Donne                       (iv) Snake

(e) John Keats                         (v) Sweetest Love I Do not Go

13. Name the poets who wrote the following lines:

(a) I celebrate myself, and sing myself,

And what I assume you shall assume.

(b) Whose white waterfall could bless

Travellers in their last distress

(c) Where are the song of spring?

Ay, where are they?

(d) If in thine my life thou waste

Thou art the best of me.

(e) I swore to save fire

From the sin of forgetfulness

14. Give, in short, the summary of any one of the following poems:

(a) Snake                                                         (b) My Grandmother’s House

(c) To Autumn                                                            (d) The soldier


15. Complete the following sentences on the basis f your textural reading:

(a) Dr. Radhakrishnan never lost his faith in …………

(b) Nanukaka was coming from Delhi to …………….

16. Name the authors of the following prose pieces:

(a) Bharat is My Home          (b) I Have A Dream                (c) The Artist

17. Give, in short, the summary of any one of the following pieces:

(a) I have A Dream                 (b) The Earth                          (c) A Child is Born


18. Name the authors of the following:

(a) David Copperfield

(b) Emma

(c) Piers the Plowman

(d) The Guide

(e) Macbeth

19. English is an international language. How?

Or Write the names of five Indian English Writers.

20. Write a brief note on Modern English.

Or, Discuss the future of English is India.

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