CBSE 10th Board Sample Paper physics

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Sample Paper / Model Test Paper  – 2012

Class – X

Subject – Physics


  1. Focal length of concave lens is 50cm find its power?

(a) 4D (b) 1/4D (c) 2D (d) 1/2D                                                                      .

  1. What is the value of  2n1 X 1n2 =

(a) 4 (b) 1 (c) 2 (d) 1/2

  1. What is the relation between incident ray and the emergent ray in refraction?

(a)   Equal (b) opposite (c) parallel (d) towards normal

  1. An 1cm object is placed at a distance at 2f from a convex lens what will be the height of the image formed?

(a)   2cm (b) 1cm (c) 1/2cm (d) 1/4cm

  1. Two lens of focal length +20cm and +50cm are combine .What is the power of two combined lenses?
  2. Refractive index of Diamond is 2.42.What is the speed of light in diamond?
  3. The magnification produced by a plane mirror is +1, what does this mean?
  4. An object 5cm in length is held 25cm away from a converging lens of focal length 10cm. find the position, size and the nature of the image formed.
  5. Draw the image by convex lens   when object is at

(a) 2f (b) between f and 2f (c) between f and optical centre

  1. Draw the image by concave lens  when object is at

(a) Infinity (b) between f and 2f

  1. The power of a lens is +2.5D What kind of lens it is and what is the focal length?
  2. What is the focal length of a plane mirror?
  3. How will you write on vehicle ‘AMBULANCE ‘and why?
  4. Write three characteristics of images formed by plain mirror?
  5. Define in spherical mirror the terms, Radius of curvature, Pole, Principle axis, Aperture of mirror, Focus point, and Focal length?
  6. An object of size 5cm is placed at a distance of 25cm from the pole of a concave mirror of radius of curvature 30cm. Calculate the distance  and size of the image so formed. What will be the nature of image?
  7. An object of 5cm high is placed 15cm in front of a plane mirror, what is the nature, size, position of the image so formed?  And why   ?
  8. A virtual, erect, magnified image of an object is to be produced with a concave mirror of focal length 12cm, which of the following distance should be chosen for this purpose? (a) 10cm (b) 15cm, (c) 20cm.
  9. An object 2.5cm high is placed at a distance of 25cm from diverging mirror of focal length 20cm. Find the nature, position and size of the image formed?
  10. Draw with concave mirror when object is at (a) radius of curvature (b) between C and F
  11. Draw with convex mirror when object is at (a) between C and F
  12. Write six uses of spherical mirror?
  13. Sign Conventions  for Reflection by spherical Mirrors


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