CBSE 10th Board Sample Paper VI Chemistry

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Sample Paper / Model Test Paper  – 2012

Class – X

Subject – Chemistry

Q1- Write any two main Causes of water pollution

Q2- What do you understand by Exothermic Reactions ? Explain with one example.

Q3- Explain Nuclear fusion with chmical reactions

Q4- Write any two main advantages of wind energy

Q5- Write laws of Reflections

Q6- What is Green House Effect?

Q7- Write three differences between metal and non-metal on the basis of physical properties

Q8- Calculate the value of resultant resistance on the basis of attached resistance in this diagram.

Q9- How PVC is prepared? Explain with chemical equations. Write any two uses of PVC.

Q10- Prove that

H2+V2= I2

Q11- How will you obtain Plaster of Paris? Explain with chemical equations.

Write any two main uses of it.


Write the chemical name and formula of the following write one use of each.

(1) Baking Soda             (2) Washing Soda                   (3) Bleaching Power

Q12- Write any three functions of human brain.


Mention three differences between male gamete and female gamete.

Q13- Write the definition of  PH? Calculate the PH of N/1000 NaOH solution.

Q14- How can be explain the Lab. Method of Preparation of Nitrogen in the following points.

(1) Chemical equation                (2) Labelled diagram

Q15- What do you meant by fuse wire ? by which material it is made ? why do we use fuse wire in houses ?

Q16- sunlight is essential in photo synthesis process. Prove


Elssify these animals on the basis of types their excretory materials-Lizard, mammala, Fish, Frog, Snake, Pigeon, Amoeba, Bat.

Q17- What is digestive system of human in brief.


What is respiration mechanism in human beings? Explain it.

Q18- Write short notes on:

(1) Plant hormone                      (2) Gene

Q19- What is differences between blood and hymph? Explain any five.

Q20- Define the experimental method (u-v) method) for the determination of focal length of concave mirror under the following points:-

(a)    Principle (b) Ray diagram (c) observation table.


Explain the Ohm’s law in laboratory under the following points:

(a) Principle                                (b) Electrical Circuit

(c) Observation table                  (d) two main precautions.

Q21- Draw a labelled diagram of blast furnace giving the name and chemical formulae of any two ores of ion.


Describe the manufacture of steel from cost iron of Bessemer’s process on the basis of following points:

(a) Chemical reaction (b) Labelled diagram                  (c) Method

(22)- What are defects of eye vision in human eyes? What are its different types? Explain.

Write the reasons of any one defect. How it can be removed? Explain.


Show how can possible (a) 90 deviation (b) 180 deviation (Ray diagram).

Explain it with the help of total reflected prism.


Sample Paper / Model Test Paper CBSE 12th 2012

CBSE 10th Board Sample Paper VI Chemistry
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