JAC 10th Board Sample Paper Science

Jharkhand Academic Council (JAC)

10th Board Sample Paper

Subject: – Science

Total No. of Questions:          16+8=24                                                          Full Marks:      60


Group A (Physics and Chemistry)

  1. Write the SI unit of potential difference: (Answer in one sentence or in one word)
  2. What is the chemical formula of quicklime?
  3. What is the chemical formula of methyl alcohol.
  4. Write the name of organization which carries the space programme inIndia.
  5. What is efflorescence? Name one compound which shows efflorescence.
  6. Write the power of a concave lens of focal length 2 m.
  7. What is the names of two metals which do not react with oxygen.


Why is sulphuric acid known as the King of Chemicals?

  1. Distinguish between natural and artificial satellites.
  2. What is thermite reaction? Write the chemical reaction and give one use
  3. Mention any two advantages and disadvantages of preceding hydroelectricity by building dams on rivers


            Mention the nature of image formed in simple Microscope. Write the expression for its magnification.

  1. What is meant by denaturated alcohol? How is it prepared?
  2. What do you mean by total internal reflection of light? Write two conditions for it.
  3. How much current will an electric heater draw from 220 volt mains, if the resistance of the heater (when hot) is 50 ohms?
  4. Give the names of the following functions groups:

i. – CHO         ii. > CO                       iii. – COOH

15.  i. What are shortcircuiting and overloading in an electric supply? Explain

ii. Illustrate the action of an electric fuse.


Distinguish between nuclear fission and fusion

  1. Name an important ore of aluminum. By which process is this ore concentrated? How is aluminium extracted from this concentrated ore? Give equation.


Write the chemical formula of hematite. Write the chemical reactions that take place in the blast furnace for the extraction of iron from hematite.

                                    Group B (Biology)

  1. Write the full name of CFC
  2. By what names are the medallion factors known which the carries of hereditary information are?
  3. Write any two differences between aerobic and anaerobic respiration.
  4. What do you understand by self – pollination and cross pollination? Illustrate with examples.
  5. What is acid rain? Write any two harmful effects of acid rain.
  6. What is Blood – group? What do you understand by universal donor and universal acceptor?
  7. Draw a neat and labeled diagram of neuron. (Description is not necessary)
  8. In how many steps does the process of Photosynthesis take place? Explain


            What do you understand by nutrition? Explain various types of nutrition with example.

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