CBSE XIth Board Sample Paper Economics

 Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)

Sample Paper – 2012
Class – XI
Subject –

  1. Define any four basic principles of co – operation. How can be explain the function of Village level Society?
  2. Write the explanation about different types of spoilage of milk based on the organisms involved and the signs of spoilage.
  3. Mention any four milk packaging materials.
  4. Explain about advantage and disadvantage of bottles as the milk packaging material.
  5. Define the steps involved in packaging of milk in a pouch with a suitable flow chart.
  6. Write the indicating stages of operation for processing of market milk. Draw suitable flow chart.
  7. What is homogenization of milk? Define its advantage and disadvantage.
  8. Explain about stages of operation for processing of market milk. Draw a flow chart and indicate it.
  9. write about principle constituents of milk?
  10. How can we differenciate between cow milk and buffalo milk/
  11. A milk containing 3.5% fat, 4.6%lactose and 4%protein will supply ____________ calories of energy per 100 gm of milk.
  12. Explain any two magegemental factors affecting the fat content of the milk and explain its effects on milk fat content.
  13. Fill in the blanks:
    1. About __________ litres of blood has to flow through the udder to produce one litre of milk.
    2. Milk synthesis takes place in the ______________ where the milk secreting cells in the mammary gland are provided with a continuous supply of nutrients.
    3. Define the steps or process of milk letdown.
  14. How can we define the principle of machine milking?
  15. Write about characteristics of clean milk?
  16. Write any three methods of hand milking. Explain the methodology of any one.


CBSE XIth Board Sample Paper Economics
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