AP Board of Intermediate Education IPE Sample Paper




Section – A


  1. What is cholesterol?
  2. What are harmons? Give two Examples?
  3. What are analgesics? Give two examples?
  4. What are antacids? Give two examples?
  5. What is PHBV? How is it useful to a man?
  6. CUSO4 is paramagnetic while Zn SO4 is diamagnetic. Explain in terms of the dectron configuration.
  7. What is Gibb’s energy
  8. What is Entropy
  9. What is Willimson’s synthesis
  10. What is Diazotization reaction? Give equation

Section – B

II       Short answer type questions                             6X4=24

11.   Explain Werner’s theory using suitable example.

12.       What are the difference between physical and chemical adsorption

13.    Define PH? Find the PH of 10-m HCL solution.

14.     How superphosphate of lime is prepared?

15…..Write short note on each of the following

a. Calcinations             b. Roasting

16. State Faradays’ Law of Electrolysis

17. Define and explain Raoult’s law. How is useful in    determining the molecular weight of a non-volatile solute

18. Write a short note on

a. Schlocky effect                  b. Frankel effect

Section – C

III     (i)      Long answer type question            2X8=16

(ii)    Answer any two

19. a. How is ozone prepared in Brodies Method.

b. Describe why law-Gray method for the preparation of F2

20. a. Explain the preparrion of Ethyl alcohol from starch

b. What happens when Ethyl alcohol reacts with


1. Metallic sodium       2. Acetic acid

3. CH3 Mg Br              4. Conc. H2SO4 at 170 c

21. State and explain le chatelier’s principle. Apply it for Haber’s process

N2O + 3H2 (g)   2NH3 (g) triangle

H = -92.0k

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