ICSE 11th Board Sample Paper Home Science


ICSE 11th Board 2012 Sample Paper Home Science

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Home cience

Class – XI


  1. What is biotic potential?
  2. How food canal is formed in mosquito?
  3. What are wrigglers and maggots?
  4. Distinguish between perichaetine and octocheatine arrangement?
  5. What are lymphadenitis and lymphangitis.
  6. What is plasmotomy? Give one example.
  7. What is haematocrit?
  8. What is aristotle’s lantern? Name an echinoderm that possesses Aristotle’s lantern.
  9. Distinguish between Eugenics and Euphenics.
  10. What is tautonymy? Give one example.
  11.  Explain the different types of in – situ management of biodiversity.
  12. describe the ommaditium of cockroach with the help of diagram
  13. Draw a neat labeled diagram of the mouth parts of the housefly.
  14. Describe the structure of microfilarialarva of wucheraria Bancrofti?
  15. Describe the process of longitudinal binary fission in Euglena.
  16. Explain the so-lgel theory of amoeboid locomotion.
  17. Explain the Haversian system.
  18. Write short notes on the salient features of the Anthozoans.
  19.  What are food chains? Describe the different types of food chain you have studied. Add a note on food web.
  20. Explain the blood circulation in the first thirteen segments in pheritima with suitable Diagram.
  21. Describe the life cycle of plasmodium vivax in man with the help of neat labelaed diagram.
ICSE 11th Board Sample Paper Home Science
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