ICSE 11th Board Sample Paper Home Science

ICSE 11th Board 2012 Sample Paper Home Science

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Home Science

Class – XI

  1. Which type of food should be given to a patient?
  2. Give your Explanation about that type of stitches which is used in hand sewing?
  3. How many types of paper pattern? Define.
  4. Write the principles of cloth cutting.
  5. Write the cleanliness of different metal utensils.
  6. How can we say milk is complete food? Define.
  7. Explain the structure and food value of egg.
  8. Define the methods of food preservation.
  9. What is the importance of canning in food preservation?
  10. Write about that factors which affects heredity.
  11. Define the importance of environment in development of the child?
  12. What is food spoilage? What is reason behind it?
  13. Write down about the temperature chart.
  14. Explain the method of blueing.
  15. Define the treatment of sun-stroke.
  16. Mention the composition of Blood.
  17. What is difference between Artery and vein? Explain
  18. What are the causes of malnutrition?
  19. Explain the rules of paper pattern making.
  20. If any object falls in eye, what first-aid should be given?
  21. In case of snake biting what first – aid should be given?
  22. Explain about the importance of fruits in diet?
  23. What is Barley Water?
  24. Write the definition of Heredity?
  25. Define the process of respiration.
  26. Write the name of ductless glands.
  27. Explain about the function of white blood corpuscles.
ICSE 11th Board Sample Paper Home Science
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