NIOS 11th Board Sample Paper Science

NIOS 11th Board 2012 Sample Paper Science

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Science

1.    What is reason behind it?

a.            At a time of emergency faced by human body, there is a possibility of dilation of pupil in Eye.

b.            An adolescent boy is found to be sexually underdeveloped.

c.             Some young babies may show stunted growth, retorted mental development, bowed legs,

protrusion of the tongue and winkled skin.

2.    Give your explanation about following with a suitable diagram:

a.            Spinal nerve

b.            Gray matter

c.             White matter

d.            Central canal

3.    Why should FPO conduct quality tests of food products periodically?

4.    Give any one function of Phagocytes present in Lymph tissue.

5.    Define two agricultural wastes which flow into the Natural water bodies.

6.    Give your explanation about the genetic material and enzyme present in HIV.

7.    about the structural formula of benzene and toluene.

8.    Write a definition of galaxy?

9.    How many types of galaxy? Define.

10.  Write the name of galaxy where Sun is present.

11.  What do you mean by geostationary satellites?

12.  Define any one use of geostationary satellite.

13.  about nuclear power reactor with a suitable diagram.

14.  Give your explanation about the circuit symbol of n –p-n and p-n-p transistors.

15.  What do you mean by annealing of glass? Why it is done?

16.  Explain about the role of magnesium and hydrochloric acid used in the extraction of silicon.

17.  Define gas laser tube with a neat and clean diagram.

18.  Explain any four limitations of external combustion engine.

19.  The definition of centripetal force.

20.  Mention the reason for enormous energy of sun.


NIOS 11th Board Sample Paper Science
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