ICSE 11th Board Sample Paper Political Science

NIOS 11th Board 2012 Sample Paper Political Science

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Political Science

1. What do you mean by caste? Explain the features of the caste system.

2. Define one account of impact of political violence on our society.

3. Explain about the power of state governor. Define his relations with the chief minister. 4. Explain about the features of India’s new economic policy. Write its positive aspects.

5. What is regionalism? Define any six reasons for the rise of regionalism.

6. Write the relation between the union and the states in India.

7. Give your explanation about the importance of lokayukta.

8. Define the composition of zila parishad.

9. Explain the function of the vice-president of India.

10. Define any five functions of election commission of India.

11. Write the various functions of Municipalities.

12. Explain any two suggestions for removing communal tensions.

13. Give your explanation about the functions of International Labour Organisation.

14. What do you mean by Rigid Constitution?

15. Write the definition of Pressure Groups.

16. Define two major areas of interdependence among nations.

17. How can be explaining territory as an essential element of the State.

18. What is Power? Explain

ICSE 11th Board Sample Paper Political Science
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