CGBSE 10th Board Sample Paper History

CGBSE 10th Board 2012 Sample Paper History

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – History

  1. Explain about the main causes of 1917 Russian revolution?
  2. Define the role of Gandhi ji in Indian National movement? write the main provisions of Indian Independence Act 1947.
  3. Explain the achievements of Indian national congress from 1885 to 1905.
  4. What do you mean by cold war? Explain.
  5. Define the reason of adoption of Non allayment.
  6. What was the reason of the failure of 1857 revolt?
  7. Describe the reformers of Jyoptiba Fule?
  8. What are the main principals of Guru Ghasi Das Jee? Define.
  9. “ The short coming of the Battle of Plasi were mkad3e good by the Battle of Buxer.” Define this statement.
  10. Explain any four main aims of NATO.
  11. How can we say Japan compelled to surrender at the last phase of Second World War? Define.
  12. Explain any four points of Hitler’s foreign policy.
  13. What was the importance of American war of Freedom?
  14. Define any four points of banar sena’s child movement inRaipur?
  15. Explain the three problems of green revolution?
  16. What is Computer? Explain Briefly.
  17. Explain any three qualities of Non – Aligned movement.
  18. What was the main causes of failure of the league of nations?
CGBSE 10th Board Sample Paper History
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