Tamilnadu Board SSLC Exam Sample Paper Sociology

Tamilnadu Board SSLC Sample Paper Sociology

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Sociology

  1. Define the included breeding technique in culture.
  2. Describe an account of the uses of beehive products.
  3. What do you mean by energy crisis? Explain about the steps to be taken to solve energy crisis?
  4. What is cloning mechanism? Explain with example.define its merits and demerits.
  5. Define an account of bacterial diseases in man.
  6. What is the importance of birth control? Dscribe the various steps of contraception.
  7. Write a passage on composition of blood.
  8. What do you mean by bionomics of catlacatla?
  9. Write about the prospectus of Aquaculture.
  10. Write about the uses of C.T. scan.
  11. Define artificial insemination of cattle.
  12. Draw a list the greenhouse gases and their sources.
  13. Define the classification of grafts with an suitable examples.
  14. What do you mean by Nuptial flight?
  15. Write the definition of bottleneck effect.
  16. Explain about the disadvantage of auto analyser.
  17. What is pedigree analysis?
  18. Write the definition of Gene therapy? Mention its types.
Tamilnadu Board SSLC Exam Sample Paper Sociology
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