Tamilnadu Board SSLC Exam Question Paper Computer Science

 Tamilnadu Board SSLC Question Paper Computer Science

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject –  Computer Science

  1. What is operator overloading. what is the rule of operator overloading? define.
  2. Write the difference between call by value and call by reference of functions in C++?
  3. Mention Nested-if statement with a suitable example.
  4. Write the method of generate reports in Star office base.
  5. Define the procedure to insert a chart in a worksheet.
  6. Define the different ways of selecting text in the Star Office Writer document.
  7. What do you mean by functions? How can you use them in your worksheet? Define with an suitable example.
  8. Write the use of call centers.
  9. When is a copy constructor executed?
  10. Define the syntax for driving a class from its base class.
  11. Write a short note on cracking.
  12. Describe array.
  13. How many type of cast? Define.
  14. Explain Tokens.
  15. Write the advantage and disadvantage of using functions in C++?
  16. Define the syntax of switch case statement.
Tamilnadu Board SSLC Exam Question Paper Computer Science
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