Tamilnadu Board SSLC Exam Question Paper Zoology

Tamilnadu Board SSLC Question Paper Zoology

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Zoology

  1. What do you mean by marasmus? Write its symptoms.
  2. How many types of Hernia?.
  3. Write the meaning of dislocation of joints. Classify them.
  4. Write the definition of bronchitis. Mention its types.
  5. Write briefly on Alzheimer’s disease.
  6. Define any six symptoms of Grave’s disease.
  7. Mention the vaccines developed by Louis Pasteur.
  8. Explain any three main functions of antibodies.
  9. What is called pedigree analysis?
  10. What do you mean by Gene therapy? Define its types
  11. What is called rain water harvesting? Define its advantages.
  12. Define about the symptoms of cow pox.
  13. Explain about the disadvantage of auto analyser.
  14. Define Nuptial flight.
  15. What o you mean by bottleneck effect?
  16. Describe integrated fish culture.
  17. Define the nutritive value of edible oyster.
  18. Explain about the factors responsible for obesity.
Tamilnadu Board SSLC Exam Question Paper Zoology
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