Rajasthan 10th Board Sample Paper Social Science

  1. State four merits and four demerits of Co – operative organizations.


State four merits and four demerits of public enterprises

  1. Define any four causes of price rise inIndiaand four suggestions to control it.


Declare any four causes of unemployment inIndiaand four measures to solve the problem of unemployment.

  1. Explain the state consumer commission according to the following heads:
    1. Jurisdiction
    2. Establishment
    3. Organization
    4. Appeal
  2. What is the reason of Iron and Steel industry mainly located near the area producing raw materials?
  3. What do you mean by economic planning.
  4. Define any two factors of population policy ofIndia.
  5. Explain any three measures of soil conservation.
  6. Mention the classification of resources according to origin by charts.
  7. Declare is the concept of swadeshi? Give any two suggestions to make Swadeshi concept dynamic.
  8. Define any three objectives of economic planning in Rajasthan.
  9. Explain any three points announced as motivating package by Government of India for standard small family of two children.
  10. What is the three uses of copper.
  11. Declare any three necessary geographical conditions gor sugarcane production.
  12. Show the major classification of accounts by charts.
  13. Write any two causes of consumer exploitation.
  14. Who is called petty cashier?
  15. Mention two bases of the jurisdiction of district forum.
  16. Give any two examples of multinational companies.
  17. What is joint sector?
  18. Write the meaning of business organization.
  19. Write full form of W.T.O.
  20. Which is the primary woolen producing state inIndia?
  21. i.    Largest tea producer and consumer country in the world is

a.  China                           b.        India

c.  Sri Lanka                     d.        Pakistan

ii.         Atomic plant of Rajasthan is located at

a.         Narora             b.         Kankarpara

c.         Rawat Bhata   d.         Tarapur

iii.        Soil in river deltas is

a.         Alluvial           b.         Black soil

c.         Alkaline           d.         Laterite

iv.        Renewable resource is

a.         Coal                 b.         Petroleum

c.         Iron                 d.         Soil

24.       Enter the following transactions in the Journal of Gupta Brothers:

December, 2Purchased goods for cash40,000
December, 7Purchased goods from Mundra Brothers15,000
December, 12Sold goods to Sachin5,000
December, 18Sold goods for cash25,000
December, 20Returned goods to Mundra Brothers500
December, 25Returned goods by Sachin1,000


Rajasthan 10th Board Sample Paper Social Science
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