UP Board SSLC Exam Sample Paper Geography

UP Board SSLC Sample Paper Geography

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Geography

1.                What do you mean by green revolution? What it the importance of its in Indian agriculture? Define

2.                Fishing trade is backward in India, what is reason behind it? Where the coastal line in large.

3.                How can we say that there is unity on diversity in India? Define with argument.

4.                Now a day’s sex ratio is decreasing in India. What is reason behind it/ define briefly

5.                Define the concept of sinking world.

6.                How can we differentiate between livelihood agriculture and commercial agriculture? Define

7.                What is the importance of sex – ratio? Explain

8.                What are the major factors of transportation?

9.                Explain Radial Pattern with a suitable diagram.

10.           Give any two importance of rural settlements.

11.           What is human geography?

12.           Write the name of that element which is related to the scope of human geography.

UP Board SSLC Exam Sample Paper Geography
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