Rajasthan 10th Board Exam Social Science Sample Paper

Rajasthan Board of Secondry Education

1oth Examination 2012 Sample Paper

Subject – Social Science

1.         Give a detailed account on the contribution of Govind Guru towards national and social awareness among the Tribal.


“Baba Ramdeo does not belong to any one community, but he is regarded as a Lok Deo by whole humanity.” Justify with arguments.

2.         Throw light on Architecture of Ancient India


Define the Architecture of Sultanate and Moughal period

3.         Give an account of powers of the President of India.

4.         Name the supreme Agency of Panchayat raj System at district level. Elaborate the formation and functions of this Agency.                                                                       4

5.         Show following places on the map of India which has given below:

i.          Panaji                          ii.        Pondicherry

iii.        Kolkata                       iv.       Lucknow

v.        Bhopal                         vi.        Gandhinagar

6.         Tick the following places on the map of Rajasthan:

i.          Jaipur                           ii.        Jodhpur

iii.       Kota                            iv.        Karauli

v.         Shriganganagar           vi.        Pali

7.         “Supreme Court is a protector of the Constitution of India.” Describe.

8.         Comment on the Bhopal Gas Leakage calamity.

9.         You are a traffic Inspector. On the occasion of Road Safety Week, explain the students of a school the reasons and safety measures about road accidents.

10.       By whom is a surpanch elected? Imagine you are elected as a surpanch. What will be your priorities of public facilities in your Panchayat area?

11.       Comment on Panch Mahotsav.

12.       Describe the contribution of Jaipur,Jodhpur,Bikanerand Nathdwara in the field of Handicraft.

13.       Mention the major fresh water lakes of Rajasthan. What is the utility of these lakes in present times?

14.       Write names of the main sects of jain Religion and explain the importance of Paryushan Parv.

15.       What is ordinance?

16.       Mention the facilities provided to the members of the Assembly.

17.       What do you mean by Quorum?

18.       By which names are they cyclone in the Atlantic Ocean,Pacific Ocean,Australiaand Indian called?

19.       By who is the Council of Ministers constituted? Write the category of Cabinet Council.

20.       From which fund are the salary and allowances of Governor drawn?

21.       Name the new states which were constituted from Madhya Pradesh andBiharstates in 2000.

22.       In which circumstances and by whom is the decisive vote cast in the assembly?

23.       Under which section of the Constitution there is a provision of a Governor in every state?

24.       i.          By which name is District level Criminal Court called?

a.         Subordinate Court                  b.         Session Court

c.         Appellate Court                      d.         District Court

ii.         At the time of any calamity in your region you will call for police help on the telephone number.

a.         101                                          b.         139

c.         100                                          d.         108

iii.        Who conducts the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha?

a.         The President                          b.         The Vice – President

c.         The Prime Minister                  d.         The Foreign Minister

iv.        On 26th January, 2001India’s earthquake affect state was

a.        Jammu and Kashmir               b.        Assam

c.         Karnataka                                d.        Gujarat

Rajasthan 10th Board Exam Social Science Sample Paper
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