Rajasthan Board 12th Model Paper Home Science

Rajasthan Board SSLC Sample Paper Home science

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Home Science

1. Adolescence is called a stage of storm and stress? What is reason behind it? Define.

2. Define the major emotions of the adolescence.

3. Write about that factors affecting profession selection of an adolescent.

4. Define about the economic problems that are faced in old age and write their solution.

5. Mention the prevention of food adulteration act. 1954.

6. Define the methods of remedies from AIDS.

7. Mention the relation of self employment with home science education.

8. What do you mean by savings? Define the importance of savings.

9. How can we differentiate early adolescence and late adolescence.

10. How can we say competition is profitable to consumer.

11. What is consumer education? Define.

12. Define the symptoms of hepatitis.

13. What do you mean by budget?

14. What is the definition of mental income?

15. In which national works are savings used?

16. When we celebrate the population day.

Rajasthan Board 12th Model Paper Home Science
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