Rajasthan Board 12th Model Paper Political Science

Rajasthan Board 12th Model Paper Political science

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Political Science

  1. Write the main problem of dispute between India and china relations.
  2. What are the main characteristics of Indian foreign policy?
  3. Define the organization and powers of Lok Sabha
  4. Classify the jurisdiction and powers of Supreme Court of India.
  5. Give any three advice to solve the problem of linguist.
  6. Explain any three characteristics of politicization of caste on India.
  7. Define any three arguments against reservation.
  8. State any three bases of the utility of planning.
  9. Mention any three demerits of indirect election.
  10. How can we say “The state legislative council is a delaying house.”?
  11. What is the three discretionary powers of the governor? Define about any three.
  12. Define any three salient features of Union council of ministers.
  13. Write the name of that organization which is the first terrorist organization f India.
  14. In which house old state legislature, is money bill introduced?
  15. Who is the chairman of planning commission?
Rajasthan Board 12th Model Paper Political Science
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