Rajasthan Board 12th Exam Sample Paper Philosophy

Rajasthan Board 12th Sample Paper Philosophy

Sample Paper – 2012

Subject – Philosophy

  1. Write a short passage on epistemology of Nyaya Philosophy.
  2. Define he chief characteristics features of jiva according to jain philosophy.
  3. Mention in detail the twelve links or Bhava – Chakra of Buddhism.
  4. Write short notes on the three yoga’s of geeta – karna, Gyqan, Bhakti
  5. How does law of karma, counter the charge that Indian philosophy is pessimist? Define in briefly.
  6. Define the importance and significance of Ashram system in Indian culture.
  7. What do you mean by Socialism? How can we differentiate between Communism and socialism?
  8. Write a short note on the Mahatma Gandhi’ concept of Trusteeship.
  9. Define the social contract theory between individual and society.
  10. What is the main problem of Ethics?  How can we denied it? Define
Rajasthan Board 12th Exam Sample Paper Philosophy
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