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1. The release of parathormone in the blood

(a) increase the blood plasma calcium and phosphate level

(b) Increases the blood plasma calcium level and decreases the plasma phosphate

(c) decrease the blood plasma calcium and phosphate level

(d) deceases the blood plasma calcium level and increases the plasma phosphate level

2. Which type of inversion include centromere portion of a chromosome?

(a) Paracentric

(b) para centric

(c) Both (a) and (b)

(d) None of the above

3. If a plant cell contains 24 chromosomes in pro phase stage then what will be the number of chromosome ?

(a)  6                        (b) 48                    (c) 12                                 (d) 24

4. Excretory products of mammal’s embryo are removed through:

(a) ureter              (b) allantois               (c) amniotic fluid        (d) placenta

5. Amylase secreted by salivary gland is digested during digestion by the enzyme:

(a) lung failure     (b) pepsinogen        (c) liver failure                   (d) heart failure

6. Hyaline cap, Which is clearly visible at the tip of a pseudo podium of Amoeba Proteus is formed by:

(a) endoplasm only (b) ectoplasm only  (c) both (a)  and (b)     (d) E.R. network

7. Hopanoids are present in membrane of:

(a) all eukaryotes        (b) algae             (c) bacteria                          (d) fungi

8. Which one of the following in incorrect?

(a) Nucleotides are added to RNA primer by DNA polumerase – III

(b) RNA primer is removed by DNA polymerase – 1 by using its    5’→   3’ exonuclease activity.

(c) Primosome alone separating DNA strand and synthesize RNA primer at regular interval

(d)Direction of synthetic reaction of primase and polymerase – III is same.

9. For reducing water pollution, a bacterium is used, which is:

(a) Clostridium           (b) Anabaena            (c) Pseudomonas             (d) both (b) and (c)

10. Frog during hibernation respires through:

(a) lungs and skin

(b) Bacall cavity

(c) skin only]

(d) lungs, skin and Bacall cavity

10. Which one of the following gives maximum energy in the body o man by combustion?

(a) Fat             (b) Protein                     (c) Vitamin                       (d) Carbohydrates

11. IInd phosphorylation of glucose molecule in glycolysis takes place at carbon;

(a) Carbon 6      (b) Carbon 1                 (c) Carbon 2                        (d) Carbon 3

12. Coelomic epithelium layer originates from:

(a) Mesoderm (b) endoderm                    (c) ectoderm                    (d) both (b) and (c)

13. Hopanoids are present in membrane of:

(a) fungi            (b) angae                                     (c) fungi                (d) bacteria

13. In recent years, DNA sequences (nucleotide sequence) of mt – DNA and Y – chromosomes were considered for the study of human evolution, because:

(a) they are uni parental in origin and do not take part in recombination

(b) they can be studied form the samples of fossil remains

(c) their structure is known in greater detail

(d) they are small and therefore, easy to study

14. Each Okazaki fragment in bacteria contain nucleotides approximately:

(a) 100 to 200            (b) 1000 to 2000            (c) 150 to 200                (d) 20, 00 to 30,000

15. Inter – phase pairing is present in which of the following chromosome?

(a) Mitotic                   (b) Meiotic                    (c) Salivary gland               (d) Lamp brush

16. Short – lived immunity acquired from mother to foetus across placenta or through mother’s milk to the infant is categorized as:

(a) innate non – specific immunity

(b) active immunity

(c) cellular immunity

(d) passive immunity

17. Excess of insulin may lead the following characters/character:

(a) hunger          (b) sweating          (c) low blood glucose level          (d)  all of the above

18. The term “antibiotic “ was coined by:

(a) Louis Pasteur  (b) Edward Jenner    (c) Selman Waksman  (d) Alexander Flemming

19. Which one of the following is matching pair of an animal and a certain phenomenon it exhibits?

(a) Tania                 –            Polymorphism

(b) Pheretima            –            Sexual dimorphism

(c) Musca                 –           Complete metamorphosis

(d) Chameleon           –            Mimicry

20. Genetic map is one that:

(a) establishes the various stages in gene evolution

(b) shows the stage during the cell division

(c) shows the distribution of various species in a region

(d) established sites of the genes on a chromosomes

21. Movement of lipid molecules from one mono layer to other mono layer of lipid is known as:

(a) rhythemic movement            (b) systematic movement

(c) flip flop movement                 (d) trans membrane movement

22. Who discovered revers transcriptase enzyme?

(a) Temin and Robect                  (b) Temin and Robect

(c) Watson                                    (d) Temin

23. In the RBC how much percentage of haemoglobin is present?

(a) 5%                  (b) 90%               (c) 40%                  (d) 30%

24. Who has given the rules of embryonic development?

(a) Haeckel          (b) Mendel          (c) Von Baer            (d) Darwin

25. Short – lived immunity acquired form mother to foetus across placenta or through mother’s mild to the infant is categorised as:

(a) cellula immunity               (b) passive immunity

(c) active immunity                (d) innate non – specific immunity

26. In Drosophila, the sex is determined by:

(a) whether the gee is fertilized or develops parthenogenetically

(b) X and Y chromosomes

(c) the ratio of number of X – chromosome to the sets of autosomes

(d) the ratio of pairs of X – chromosomes to the pairs of autosomes

27. torpic hormones are those hormones which:

(a) stimulate other endocrine glands to release their hormones

(b) function in the same glands in which they originated

(c) inhibit other endocrine glands to stop their hormones

(d) None of these

28. Citric acid is produced industrially by growing the:

(a) Plasmodium

(b) Bacteria Clostridium neveli

(c) fungus Aspergillus niger

(d) Fungus Albugo candida

29. Who first discovered Lampbrush chromosome?

(a) E.G. Balbiani                            (b) Memdel

(c) Waldayer                                   (d) Flemming
30.Body wall of earthworm comprises:

(a) an epidermis                               (b) a thin cuticle

(c) a thin cuticle and an epidermis

(d) a thin cuticle, an epidermis, coelomic epithelium and a well developed musculature

31. Pseudopodia in Amoeba proteus are called:

(a) lobopodia                                  (b) pseudopodia

(c) homopodia                                  (d) lofopodia

32. In pyrimidine, generally which of the following atom is attached to sugar molecule?

(a) 1 N                                               (b) 2 C

(c) 3 N                                                (c) 4 C

33. Who proposed coupling and repulsion hypothesis?

(a) T. Boveri                                     (b) W. Sutton

(c) T.H. Morgan                                (d) Bateson and punnet

34. The wings of a bat and an inset exhibit:

(a) atavism                                          (b) connecting link

(c) analogy                                            (d) homology

35. Which of the following disease is caused bacteria?

(a) Chickenpox                                    (b) Small pox

(c) Diphtheria                                        (d) Measles

36. Arrangement of numerous set on a ring in each segment is known as:

(a) amphiteric arrangement

(b) perichaetine arrangement

(c) periteric arrangement

(d) both (b) and (c)

37. Who proposed coupling repulsion theory

(a) Hutchinson                                          (b) Morgan

(c) Bateson and Punnett                           (d) Jenkins

38. which of the following glands retain their connection with parental epithelia?

(a) Endocrine gland                                              (b) Sweat gland

(c) Ductless gland                                                  (d) Pituitary gland

39. The entire complex, required for DNA replication is known as:

(a) DNA polymerase                                              (b) replisome

(c) helicase                                                              (d) topisomerase

40. Aconitase enzyme contains:

(a) Sulphur – Sulphur center

(b) Iron – iron center

(c) Iron – Sulphur centre

(d) Iron – Copper center

41. Human immunodeficiency virus belongs to family:

(a) Herpesviridae                                                     (b) Paramyxoviridae

(c) Togaviridae                                                         (d) retroviridae

42. In which phylum is water vascular system found?

(a) Arthropoda                                                            (b) Protozoa

(c) porifera                                                                    (d) Echinodermata

43. Which blood group is a universal recipient?

(a) AB                 (b) A                        (c) O                     (d) B

44. PH of human blood is:

(a) 7 : 4                 (b) 5 : 4                 (c) 6 : 4                        (d) 8 : 4

45. Red and white pulp tissue are the parts of:

(a) lymph layer        (b) muscle fibre             (c) spleen         (d) lymph nodules

46. Which scientist give the theory of continuity of germplasm?

(a) Darwin                  (b) Mendel                 (c) Lamarck       (d) Weismann

47. In which blood group antibodies are absent?

(a) A                   (b) AB                                       (c) O           (d) B

48. In which blood group are antigens absent?

(a) (a) A                   (b) AB                                       (c) O      (d) B

49. Who is “ father of Zoology”?

(a) Aristotle      (b) Systema Naturae       (c) Histone              (d) Philosophie zoologique

50. Who developed the “key” for identification of animals?

(a) George Cuvier                                                       (b) Goethe

(c) John Mayr                                                               (d) Theophrastus

Sample Paper – Zoology – BHU Medical Entrance Exam
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