BHU Medical Entrance Exam Chemistry Sample Paper




1. Paraffin wax is:

(a) alcohol

(b) ester

(c) saturated hydrocarbon

(d) unsaturated hydrocarbon

2. The formula of some fluorides are given below. Which of them will combine further with fluorine?

(a) IF5 (b) CaF2 (c) NaF                        (d) SF5

3. When molten Zn is cooled to solid state, it assumes hcp structure. Then the number of nearest neighbours of Zn atoms will be:

(a) 4                              (b) 12                        (c) 6                            (d) 8

4. When HCL is passed through propene in presence of benzoyl peroxide, it gives:

(a) n – propyl chloride

(b) 2 – chlorprpane

(c) allyl chloride

(c) no reaction

5. Which of the following compound of potassium is known as pearl ash?

(a) K2CO3 (b) KMno4 (c) KOH                       (d) K2O3

6. A good solvent for sulphur is:

(a) CCl4 (b) CS2 (c) toluene                     (d) H2O

7. Polymer formation from monomers starts by:

(a) Conversion of monomers                             (b) hydrolysis of monomers

(c) condensation between monomers                   (d) co – ordination between monomers

8. The common acid used in the manufacture of rayon and plastics are:

(a) malonic acid            (b) ethanoic acid       (c) methanoic acid         (d) propanoic acid

9. Which of the following is protein ?

(a)  Rayon                  (b) Natural silk               (c) Nylon                    (d) Terry cotton

10. which one of the following can be used as anaesthetic ?

(a) NCl­3 (b) NO                             (c) NO2 (d) N2O

11. A soap can be obtained by the saponification of:

(a) lemon grass oil   (b) sandal wood oil         (c) coconut                 (d) liquid paraffin

12. Reaction of primary amine with aldehyde yields:

(a) nitro compounds   (b) aldimines               (c) nitriles                     (d) amides

13. Cyanoform is a ………… acid in nature than chloroform.

(a) stronger                (b) weaker                     (c) both acidic and basic    (d) neutral

14. Chlorine is least reactive in:

(a) allyl chloride    (b) vinyl chloride      (c) methyl chloride      (d) ethyl chloride

14. On heating KClO3 we get:

(a) ClO2 (b) Cl2O7 (c) ClO3 (d) Cl2O

15. Number of isomers of C4H9 is:

(a)3                         (b) 4                                (c) 2                        (d) none of these

16. Charcoal is added is the process of crystallization to make:

(a) coloured crystals    (b) small crystals       (c) large crystals      (d) none of these

17. For an ionic crystal of the general formula AX and co – ordination 6, the value of radius ratio will be:

(a) in between 0. 73 and 0.41                                 (b) greater than 0.73

(c) in between 0.41 and 0.22                                   (c) less than 0.22

18. An example of auto – catalytic reaction is:

(a) break down of 14C

(b) the decomposition of nitroglycerin

(c) thermal decomposition of KClO3 and MnO2 mixture

(d) hydrogenation of vegetable oil using nickel catalyst

19. The solution of sugar in water contains:

(a) free ions

(b) free molecules

(c) free atoms and molecules

(d) free atoms

20. Fenton reagent is:

(a) SnCl2 + HCl                                                         (b) AgNO3 + NH4OH

(c) FeSO4 + H2O2 (d) CuSO4 + NaOH

21. The plot of concentration of the reactant versus time for a reaction is a straight line with a negative slope. The reaction follows a:

(a)  no change in PH

(b) an increase in PH

(c) an increase in hydronium ion concentration (d) a decrease in hydroxide ion


22. The plot of concentration of the reactant versus time for a reaction is a straight line with a negative slope. The reaction follows a:

(a) zero order rate equation                             (b) second order rate equation

(c) first order rate equation                              (d) third order rate equation

23. Magnetic quantum number for the last electron is sodium is equal to:

(a) 2                  (b) 0                       (c) 1                          (d) 3

24. Which element is the end product of natural radioactive series?

(a)  Sn              (b) Bi                          (c) Pb                    (d) C

25. The one which has the highest value of pH is:

(a) NH3 (b) NH3 solution in water   (c) distilled water     (d) water saturated with Cl2

26. The number of octahedral sites per sphere in FCC structure is:

(a) 8              (b) 2                                    (c) 1                     (d) 4

27. Acetamide check the decomposition of H2O2 and in this way act as:

(a) Example of addition polymer is:

(a) Bakelite                (b) melamac           (c) buna – S        (d) nylon -6

28. A certain aqueous solution of FeCl3(formula mass = 162) has a density of 1.1 g/mL and contains 20.0%  FeCl3. Molar concentration of this solution is:

(a) 0.28                     (b) 0.163                 (c) 1.47                  (d) 1.35

29.Which of the following species is paramagnetic in nature?

(a) Carbanion              (b) Free radical      (c) Carbonium ion       (d) All of these

30. The proteins with a prosthetic group are called:

(a) complex proteins    (b) conjugated proteins (c) pseudo proteins (d) polypeptides

31. Which of the following melts in boiling water?

(a) Bell metal               (b) Gun metal        (c) Wood metal     (d) Monel metal

32. What would be the weight of silver deposited on passing 965 coulombs of electricity in solution of silver nitrate?

(a) 0.54 g                     (b) 2.16 g                      (c) 0.27 g                  (d) 1.08 g

33. The alloy with high electrical resistance is:

(a) german silver         (b) invar                   (c) monel metral            (d) platinoid

34. The bond that determines the secondary structure of protein is:

(a) ionic bond            (b) covalent bond     (c) hydrogen bond        (d) co – ordinate bond

35. Aldol condensation of acetaldehyde involves the formation of which of the following intermediate?

(a)Free radical           (b) A carbanion            (c) Aetate ion             (d) A carbonium

36. When iron is dropped in fuming HNO3, it gives:

(a) Fe is covered by an oxide film

(b) Fe (NO3) 2+ NO2

(c)Fe (NO3) 2

(d) Fe (NO3) 2 + NH4NO3

37. Amoxicillin is semi – synthetic modification of:

(a) penicillin              (b) streptomycin          (c) tetracycline                (d) chloramphenicol

38. The alkene C6H10 producing OHC (CH2) 4.CHO on ozonolysis is:

(a) hexane – 1                                                          (b) hexane – 3

(c) 1- methyl cyclohexene                                      (d) cyhclohexene

39. Dalton’s law of partial pressure is not application to:

(a) O2 + O3 (b) I2 + O2 (c) NH3 + HCl             (d) CO + CO2

40. Which reaction is suitable for preparing α – chloroacetic acid?

(a) HVZ reaction                                                       (b) Stephen reaction

(c) Perkin reaction                                                     (d) None of these

41. The organometallic compound is:

(a) sugar                                                                      (b) nickel tetracarbony

(c) [Co (en) 3] Cl3 (d) K3 [Fe (C2O4) 3]

42. 0.2 molar solution of HCOOH is ionized 3.2 % its ionization constant is;

(a) 9.6 ˟10 -3 (b) 2.1 ˟10 -4

(c) 4.8 ˟ 10 -5 (d) 1.25 ˟ 10 -6

43. Oxidation state of elemental carbon is:

(a) 3                          (b) 0                         (c) 1                 (d) 2

44. The arrangement of the first two layers, one above the other, in hcp and ccp arrangements is:

(a) 12                           (b) 8                           (c) 14              (d) 6

45. 5 cc of 0.8 N NaOH was mixed in 20 cc of 0.09 N Na2CO3 solutions. Normality of the mixture is:

(a) 0.088 N                  (b) 0.080 N                 (c) 0.081 N            (d) 0.082 N

46. In a face centred cubic cell, an atom at the face centre is shared by:

(a) 6 unit cells             (b) 1 unit cells              (c) 2 unit cells           (d) 4 unit cell

47. Which of the following salts does not impart colour to the flame?

(a) LiCl                   (b)   CaCl2 (c) MgCl2 (d) Kl

48. Silicon is a :

(a) conductor

(b) non – conductor

(c)  semi conductor

(d) metal complex

49. Carbogen is:

(a) COCl2

(b) pure form of carbon

(c) mixture of O2 and CO2

(d) mixture of CO and CO2

50. Which of the following is not used in Friendal craft’s reaction?

(a) Benzene                                                                    (b) Bromobenzene

(c) Chlorobenzene                                                          (d) Phenyl acetanilide

BHU Medical Entrance Exam Chemistry Sample Paper
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