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NDA Sample Paper

Subject – Chemistry

1. The solubility of iodine in water is greatly increased by –

(a) adding  an acid

(b) boiling the solution

(c) cooling the solution

(d) adding potassium iodide

2. The possible explanation of a phenomenon based on logic and previously recorded information is known as –

(a) a law                    (b) a theory

(c) a principle                                (d) a hypothesis

3. The gas which is liberated making rings in air is –

(a) laughing gas                                     (b) methane

(c) phosphine                                          (d) phosgene

4. Organic acids are –

(a) strong and highly corrosive

(b) rather weak

(c) not found in nature but must be artificially made

(d) Characterized by simple molecules

5. Rust is an example of –

(a) a compound                                          (b) a mixture

(c) an alloy                                                   (d) an element

6. Buffer solution –

(a) keeps the pH value constant in chemical reaction

(b) decreases the pH value in chemical reaction

(c) increases the pH value in chemical reaction

(d) first increases then decreases the pH value in chemical reaction

7. Denatured spirit is a mixture of –

(a) Ethanol and pyridine

(b) Methanol and benzene

(c) Methanol and pyridine

(d) Ethanol and water

8. The decomposition of ozone is accompanied by –

(a) an increase in temperature

(b) an increase in volume

(c) a decrease in temperature

(d) a decrease in volume

9. The degree of ionization of a compound depends on-

(a) the size of solute molecules

(b) the nature of vessel used

(c) the nature of solute molecules

(d) the quantity of electricity passed

10. Upon electrolyzing a dilute solution of H2SO4 between platinum electrodes, the gas evolved at the anode is –

(a) SO2

(b) O2

(c) SO3

(d) H2

11. Phenolphthalein is not a good indicator for titrating –

(a) NaOH against oxalic acid

(b) Ferrous sulphate against KMnO4

(c) NaOH against H2SO4

(d) NaOH against HCl

12. Refractory materials are used for the construction of furnces because –

(a) they are light in weight

(b) they can withstand high temperature

(c) they are leak proof

(d) they do not require to be replaced

13. Iron (atomic number 26) has the electronic arrangement –

(a) 2, 8, 8, 8

(b)  2, 8, 16

(c) 2, 8, 14, 2

(d) 2, 8, 12, 4

14. The number of molecules in 32 gm. Of oxygen is –

(a) 6. 02 * 1023

(b)  3.2 * 1010

(c) 6.02 * 1010

(d) 3.2 * 1023

15. The atomic wt. of helium is four times that of hydrogen. Its rate of diffusion as compared to hydrogen is –

(a) twice

(b) one half

(c) 2 time

(d) 1/20 time

16. The use of a catalyst –

(a) can change the nature of products in reversible reaction

(b) can change the equilibrium position in reversible reaction

(d) has no effect on reversible reactions

17. When an element is burnt in air, it disappears. Then it is –

(a) Converted into a compound

(b) Converted into a gas

(c) Damaged

(c) Converted into energy

18. The apparatus used to find the definite volume of a liquid is –

(a) Burette

(b) Pipette

(c) Measuring cylinder

(d) Siphon

19. Which of the following can be used to make the hard water soft –

(a) Sodium silicate

(b) Sodium polyphosphate

(c) Ion – exchange resin

(d) Lime stone

20. Hardest form of carbon is –

(a) Gas Carbon

(b) Coke

(c) Diamond

(d) Bituminous coal

21. Optical glass ( the glass used in the construction of lenses of spectacles is made by –

(a) Flint glass

(b) Crook’s glass

(c) Quartz glass

(d) Hard glass

22. Developer used in photography is –

(a) a reducing agent

(b) oxidizing agent

(d) weak acid

(d) weak base

23. Which one of the following substances in necessarily used in films of photography –

(a) Silver halide

(b) Silver nitrate

(c) Silver thiosulphate

(d) Silver halide

24. In which one of the following solvents, gold is solube?

(a) Conc. Sulphuric acid

(b) Conc. Nitric acid

(c) Aguaregia

(d) Cons. Hydrochloric

25. A spring of a clock is first heated and then put in cold water, after this it will be –

(a) strong magnetic

(b) hard and brittle

(c) more flexible

(d) soft and elastic

26. On lightening a cracker, a light of bright sinduri red is produced. The cracker must contain –

(a) Strontium nitrate

(b) Barium chloride

(c) Arsenic sulphide

(d) Chromium silicate

27. Which one of the following is not the aim of making an alloy?

(a) To increase hardness

(b) To decrease hardness

(c) To increase the tensile strength

(d) To decrease the conductivity of heat and electricity

28. The difference between the freezing point and boiling point of water is –

(a) 1800F

(b)  1200C

(c) 1800R

(d) 2120F

29. When dilute sulphuric acid is added to the cold solution of an inorganic mixture, vapours of violet colour as wine is produced. This is due to the formation of –

(a) Carbonate                                  (b) Sulphide

(c) Nitrite                                          (d) Sulphite

30. When natural ferric chloride is added to the aqueous solution of sodium acetate, a red colour as wine is produced. This is due to the formation of –

(a) Basic iron acetate

(b) Ferric acetate

(c) Ferric hydroxide

(d) Ferrous hydroxide

31. Metallic sodium is kept under kerosene oil because –

(a) the kerosene oil reduces the activity of sodium

(b) the temperature of sodium does not rise

(c) the sodium is insoluble in kerosene oil

(d) it is readily tarnished by moist air

32. Pressure remaining constant the volume of a given mass of a gas increases pr decreases by 1 / 273 part of its volume at 00C, for a rise or fall in temperature of 10C. This law is know as –

(a) Boyle’s law

(b) Grahm’s law

(c) Dalton’s law of partial pressure

(d) Charle’s law

33. Which one of the following is not the basic assumptions of the kinetic theory?

(a) Molecules of the gas are perfectly elastic, hard spherical particles and are all alike

(b) The molecules of the gas are always in the state of ceaseless haphazard motion

(c) The molecules exert appreciable attraction on each other. Therefore energy is lost due to collision or mutual attraction

(d) The molecules move in a straight line with uniform velocity between two collisions

34. Oxidation number of oxygen in H2O molecule is –

(a) – 1                                                     (b) -1

(c) +2                                                            (d) +1

35. In the atom of an inert gas –

(a) the outermost orbit is complete

(b) there is one electron only in the outermost orbit

(c) there are two electron  in the outer most orbit

(d) there is one electron less than the required number to complete outer most orbit


Answer sheet


1 .- (d)8. – (a)15. – (b)22. – (a)29. – (c)
2. – (d)9. – (c)16. – (b)23. – (d)30. – (b)
3. – (c)10. – (b)17. – (b)24. – (c)31. – (d)
4. – (b)11. – (b)18. – (d)25. – (b)32. – (d)
5. – (a)12. – (b)19. – (c)26. – (a)33. – (c)
6 .- (a)13. – (c)20. – (c)27. –  (b)34. – (b)
7. – (c)14. –  (a)21. – (b)28. – (a)35. – (a)



Sample Paper Chemistry NDA Exam –
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