Sample Paper English – Air force Enter Technical Group ‘x’ Examination



Directions (1-4): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage.

And so it is here. Today marks the beginning of another extensive electoral exercise in our country. Millions will turn out to elect our next set of representatives in Parliament, and in a few weeks’ time we’ll know which dispensation will soon be running the affairs of this country. Elections in India are a super sized affair, often compared to a giant traveling circus, full of colour and thrills. It is all that, and more. It showcases the democratic principle that holds up the system of governance we chose for ourselves at the time of our independence. Sure, there are many critics- at home and overseas – who never tire of holding forth on how India’s democracy is a shame. At best, they argue, it is jut an electoral democracy.


1. What holds up the system of governance?

(a) The large number of voters who participate in the elections

(b) The democratic principles

(c) The mammoth exercise to elect our next government

(d) None of these

2. By the phrase – ‘our next set of representatives’, the author wants to say that / about-

(a) Not the same people be elected every time

(b) Those people who are assembled to prepare for the vision – 2020

(c) Every next minute a new representative is elected

(d) Head of the institution is not the same every time

3. Many critics in our country and outside it possess the opinion that –

(a) Indian democracy is an illustration for the world

(b) Indian democracy has no match in the world

(c) Indian democracy is a shame

(d) None of these

4. The electoral process is a giant traveling circus because-

(a) The vehicles are seized during elections and the vehicles remained for communications are over crowed like a circus

(b) The elections compaigns are not less than circus because almost all tricks are played during it

(c) The candidates who go for filling their nomination papers, move in a great cascade making it a circus

(d) A huge mass is engaged in traveling

5. Spot the Mis-spelt word-

(a) Genteel                  (b) Gentle                   (c) Gentile                  (d) Genuiene

6. Synonym of ‘Assailant’ is-

(a) Divergent              (b) Attacker                (c) Rustic                    (d) Juvenile

7. Antonym of ‘Beware’ is-

(a) Befriend                (b) Befool                   (c) Associate               (d) Ignore

8. Change the Narration-

He said to me, “Are you playing here?”

(a) He told me that I was playing here

(b) He told me that I was playing there

(c) He asked me that I was playing there

(d) He asked me if I was playing there

9. Change the Voice-

Help the helpless

(a) The help should be given to helpless

(b) The helpless should be given helped

(c) The helpless should be helped

(d) The helpless should be helped by them

10. Adjective of ‘Science’ is …………..

11. Feminine of ‘Colt’ is ……………..

12. Plural of ‘Canto’ is ……………….

13. Past participle of ‘Beat’ is ………..

14. ‘Full Sister’ means –

(a) A sister born of the same parents

(b) A sister not by blood but by affection

(c) A cousin sister

(d) The satellite of a planet

15. Give one word for the following expression –

Money paid to share holders by a company.

Directions (16-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

16. Let you and ………….. Do it.

(a) I                             (b) me                                     (c) my                                     (d) mine

17. Wait for me between 10 am …….. 11 am.

(a) To                          (b) from                      (c) and                         (d) with

18. I could came ………. That I am engaged.

(a) So                          (b) for                         (c) as                           (d) only

19. Urban governance has to ……….. Dramatically, if our cities are to be revived.

(a) Work                     (b) improve                 (c) rely                        (d) supply

20. The post of ………. Principal is still vacant.

(a) A                            (b) an                          (c) the                         (d) No Article



Sample Paper English – Air force Enter Technical Group ‘x’ Examination
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