Sample Paper English – Air force Enter Technical Group ‘x’ Examination



Directions (1-4): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage.

The war for Eelam was fought by the LTTE’s leadership at the behest of the displaced Tamil Diaspora spread across the U.S. and Europe. They had powerful lobbies judging from the fact many LTTE sympathizers had sought and got asylum in those countries to propagate the war. That included LTTE ideologue Anton Balasingam. That is now Norwegian interlocutors came in for third party mediation and succeeded remarkably in achieving a dramatic climb down on the part of Sri Lankan government. A ceasefire was called and implemented but the diaspora was against it. Even Col. Karuna, the defected LTTE leader, admitted that Parbhakaran was annoyed at the very idea of a federal devolution of powers even when Balasingam propounded it. It is this pressure group which made life miserable for millions of Sri Lankan Tamils.

1. Who are the Tamil diaspora?

(a) The displaced Tamils who settled around the world

(b) The displaced Tamils from the Tamil heartland to other parts of Sri Lanka

(c) Those Tamils who have no origin in Sri Lanka but have sympathy for the Lankan Tamils

(d) The total Tamil mass living in Sri Lanka and the other parts of the world

2. What do you mean by the term ‘behest’ as used in the passage?

(a) Prejudice               (b) Interim                  (c) Command              (d) Fight

3. Which of the following in not true about Anton Balasingam?

(a) He is an ideologue for the Tamil cause

(b) He fled from Sri Lanka and got shelter in the western world

(c) He had direct or indirect role in convincing Norwey to give third party mediation in Sri Lanka

(d) While in Sri Lanka, he led the LTTE from the front in a war against security forces

4. The theory of ‘Federal Devolution of power’ was propounded by –

(a) Prabhakaran                                              (b) Col. Karuna

(c) Anton Balasigham                                    (d) A combined effort of the above three

5. Spot the error which may be in one part of the sentence (1) Or (2) Or (3). If there is no error the answer is (4) i.e. No Error.

Higher you go (1) / the coller (2) / you feel. (3) / No Error (4)

6. ‘To be at daggers drawn’ means-

(a) To harm unfairly                                       (b) To be bitter enemy

(c) To try hard                                                (d) To face consequences

7. In the following question, the latter part of a sentence is jumbled up and labeled P, Q, R and S. Find the proper sequence with the help of the options.

It is a ……………

(I) about to be formed                                    (ii) that

(iii) Stable government is                              (IV) blessing now

(a) I, IV, ii, iii             (b) IV, ii, I, iii             (c) ii, IV, iii, I             (d) IV, ii, iii, I

8. Spot the miss-spelt word-

(a) Mutineer               (b) Uncommunicative            (c) Relinquise             (d) Indigenous

9. Synonym of ‘Paradise’ is ……..

(a) Remedy                 (b) Heaven                  (c) Pitiable                  (d) Relapse

10. Antonym of ‘Bereave’ is ………..

(a) Benevolent            (b) Churlish                (c) Associate               (d) Cite

11. Change the Narration-

I said to my father, “Please give me more money.”

(a) I told my father that please gave me more many

(b) I requested to my father to give more money

(c) I requested my father to give me more money

(d) I requested my father to give him more money

12. Change the Voice-

Who can save our country?

(a) Can anyone save our country?

(b) By whom can be save our country?

(c) By whom can our country be saved?

(d) Who can be saved by our country?

13. Feminine of ‘Swain’ is ………

14. Singular Noun of ‘Media’ is ……….

15. Past form of ‘Deal’ is …………

16. Adjective of ‘Science’ is ………..

Directions (17-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

17. Mumbai is ………than Delhi.

(a) Further                  (b) farther                   (c) beside                    (d) besides

18. Have you had ………. Bread

(a) Some                     (b) for                         (c) which                     (d) any

19. Neither men nor women ……….. Come

(a) have                       (b) has                                     (c) is                            (d) are

20. Please come before ………. So that we could finish that on time

(a) Adjusting              (b) long                       (c) adjacent                 (d) querry


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Sample Paper English – Air force Enter Technical Group ‘x’ Examination
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