Sample Paper English – Air Force Enter Technical Group ‘x’ Examination


Directions (1-4): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage.

June 19, 1981. Namita Mukherjee, a teacher, returns from school to the fifth- floor on Southern Avenue where she lives with her husband, doctor and scientist Subhas Mukherjee. He has been depressed for some time, backstabbed by colleagues, jeered in his fraternity and ridiculed by the government. All because he believed he could create life outside the womb. The moment Namita steps in, she sees her husband’s body hanging. The suicide note says, “I can’t wait every day for a heart attack to kill me.”

The creator of India’s first test tube baby-one of the most brilliant minds the country has ever seen-was dead. He was 50 and the inventor of a modern miracle, one that would change the lives of millions of childless couples in the years to come.


1. What do you mean by the phrase – ‘………… create the world outside the womb?’

(a) The world that a child comes across after the birth

(b) To create a baby outside the womb of the mother

(c) To send a newly born baby in a foreign country

(d) Any of the above three

2. What was the cause of Subhas Mukharjee’s death?

(a) He died due to hearty attack

(b) He died due to the reaction of a medicine prepared by himself as a doctor and scientist

(c) He committed suicide

(d) He died due to slow poisoning by his colleagues

3. What was the ‘modern miracle’ as mentioned in the passage?

(a) To germinate a test tube baby for the first time in the country

(b) To method developed to overcome the backstab

(c) To developed a medicine which could release tension

(d) Not clear from the passage

4. What was expected to change the lives of millions of childless couples?

(a) To have a medical facility even at the remotest of places

(b) To find the way in which a person under attack could resist the pressure

(c) To find the way to lead a modern life

(d) To generator a test tube baby which could solve the problems of childless couples

5. Spot the mis-spelt word-

(a) Quarrelsome         (b) Pardonable            (c) Profitable              (d) Redish

6. Synonyms of ‘Convenience’ is –

(a) Conveyance           (b) Comfort                (c) Collapse                (d) Citadet

7. Antonyms of ‘Bewilder’ is-

(a) Ignore                    (b) Enlighten              (c) Reveal                   (d) Praise

8. Plural of ‘Basis’ is ………

9. Feminine of ‘Director’ is …………..

10. Past form of ‘Shine’ is ……….

11. Adjective of ‘Air’ is ………….

12. Give one word of the following-

A post without remuneration

13. ‘High and dry’ means-

(a) Enthusiastic                                              (b) Rejected

(c) To be greatly perplexed                            (d) Scarcely

14. Change the Narration-

They said, “How silly of him!”

(a) They told him silly

(b) They exclaimed that it was very silly of him

(c) They exclaimed with joy that he was very silly

(d) None of these

15. Change the Voice-

We know that some boys grow wise early

(a) We know that some boys are grown wise early

(b) Some boys are known to grow wise early

(c) Some boys are to be grown wise early

(d) None of these

Directions (16-2): Fill in the blanks with the word given below-

16. A ……..of cattle being driven.

(a) Herd                      (b) turss                      (c) drove                     (d) hamlet

17. Fire ……..

(a) Crackle                  (b) screech                  (c) tinkle                     (d) grunt

18. He is as obstinate as a ………………

(a) Mule                      (b) ghost                     (c) cricket                   (d) wolf

19. He reads in ……….. Ranchi University

(a) A                            (b) an                          (c) the                         (d) No Article

20. A pair of trousers is ……….sale.

(a) At                          (b) for                         (c) on                          (d) by


Sample Paper English – Air Force Enter Technical Group ‘x’ Examination
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