Sample Paper English – Air Force Enter Technical Group ‘x’ Examination


Directions (1-4): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage.

Twenty-20 is a form of cricket, originally introduced in the U.K. for professional inter-country competition by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), in 2003. A Twenty 20 game involves two teams; each has a single innings, batting for a maximum of 20 over’s.

A Twenty 20 game is completed in about three-and-half hours, with each innings lasting around 75 minutes, thus bringing the game closer to the time span of other popular team sports. It was introduced to create a lively form of the game which would be attractive to spectators at the ground and viewers on television and as such it has been very successful.

1. The name ‘twenty-20’ is given to this form of cricket because-

(a) There are twenty players in each side

(b) In all twenty players can participate

(c) The teams involved have to play 20 matches in between them

(d) Each side plays twenty over’s

2. What is main purpose of the twenty-20 version of the game?

(a) To accommodate more and more players

(b) To enhance the importance of the batsman

(c) To add glamour to the game

(d) To bring it to the equivalent time span of other popular sports

3. What was the impact of this version the game on the spectators?

(a) It is a complete flop

(b) It is not as popular as the 50-over game

(c) It is very popular among the spectators

(d) None of these

4. What is not true about the twenty-20 game?

(a) It was introduced in the UK

(b) Each inning lasts around 75 minutes

(c) Each team plays one innings each

(d) Each bowler can bowl 5 over’s in an innings

5. One who sees the bright side of a thing is called-

(a) Pessimist               (b) Optimist                (c) Ophthalmologist               (d) Oncologist

6. Spot the mis-spelt word-

(a) Miraculous                                                (b) Meritorious

(c) Mendacity                                                             (d) Monotonous

7. Synonym of ‘Amass’ is ……….

(a) Mass-less                                                  (b) Advertise

(c) Ado                                                            (d) Accumulate

8. Antonym of ‘Destroy’ is ………

(a) Deceive                 (b) Perish                    (c) Create                                (d) Cover

9. Change the Narration-

Mohan said to me, “Go there,”

(a) Mohan ordered me to go there

(b) Mohan ordered me to go here

(c) Mohan praised me to go there

(d) None of these

10. Change the Voice-

His reply surprised me

(a) His reply had been surprised by me

(b) I was surprised at his reply

(c) I was being surprised at his reply

(d) None of these

11. Feminine of ‘Ram’ is …………

12. Plural of ‘Axis’ is ……………..

13. Past Participle of ‘Fly’ is ………..

14. Adjective of ‘Oil” is ……………..

Directions (15-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

15. A place where birds are kept is called …………

(a) Aviary                   (b) apiary                    (c) orchard                  (d) burrow

16. He lives in the front …………… of houses.

(a) Bench                    (b) block                     (c) host                        (d) kennel

17. Tigers……………

(a) Clang                     (b) coo                        (c) hoot                       (d) roar

18. It is as white as …………………

(a) Swan                      (b) slang                      (c) hook                      (d) snow

19. The thief is at ………from his village.

(a) Lock                      (b) large                      (c) Lusk                      (d) loaf

20. We need ………politicians for our development.

(a) live-wire                (b) flurry                     (c) eye wash                (d) certain




Sample Paper English – Air Force Enter Technical Group ‘x’ Examination
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