Sample Paper English – Air Force Enter Technical Group ‘x’ Examination


Directions (1-4): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it in the context of the passage.

Last week, Maqbool Fida Hussain celebrated his 94th birthday not in his beloved Mumbai but in Manhattan where at an auction one of his paintings had just fetched $ 5,82,500 (about Rs 3 crore), or almost double the expected price. For an artist known for his love of extravaganza, the festivities were low key. He relished Indian delicacies, danced to the tunes of Hindi film song and played the prankster. Along the way, he let it be known, ever so discreetly, that he longed to come home.

The discretion is not hard to explain. The Indian government shows no signs of lifting a little finger to protect the life, freedom and dignity of one of its most accomplished citizens.


1. What was the expected price of the painting sold some days back?

(a) Rs. 3 Crore                                                (b) Rs. 1.5 Crore

(c) Rs One Crore                                            (d) Not clear from the passage

2. The basic theme of MF’s paintings has been-

(a) Immortal love                                           (b) immoral love

(c) Love in a higher degree                            (d) showing love but actually

3. What is false regarding MF Hussain?

(a) He has no love left for the country

(b) He is a 94 year old painter, who is appreciated in many parts of the words

(c) He is a wealthy man

(d) He portrayed Indian-ness in his birthday party

4. What special did the author notice regarding his Manhattan birthday party?

(a) Here a Hindi Song was played in place of English Songs

(b) The party lacked the Indian delicacies

(c) The flow of money was apparent

(d) The painter is very eager to return home

5. Spot the mi-spelt word-

(a) Stubborn                (b) Submissive           (c) Supersede              (d) Transient

6. Change the Voice of the following-

I see a film

(a) A film sees by me                                                 (b) A film is seen to me

(c) A film is shown to me                              (d) a film is seen by me

7. Change the Narration-

I wonder, “When will the plane leave?”

(a) I wondered that when would the plane leave

(b) I wondered that when the plane would leave

(c) I wonder when the plane will leave

(d) I wonder when the plane would leave

8. Choose appropriate Synonym for the given words.


(a) Associate               (b) Finish                    (c) Refrain                  (d) Demure

9. Choose appropriate Antonyms for the given words.


(a) Befriend                (b) Disruption            (c) Coherence              (d) Inability

10. ‘To pay lip service’ means-

(a) To face reprimand                                   (b) To show only outward respect

(c) To make a futile search                           (d) A talent of speaking

11. Feminine of ‘Lion’ is ………………

12. Plural of ‘Spy’ is ………………

13. Past Participle of ‘Weave’ is ………….

14. Adjective of ‘Variety’ is ………………

15. Give one word for the following expression-

List of courses of meal or of dishes that can be served in a restaurant

Directions (16-20): Fill in the blanks with the words given below-

16. Goats …………

(a) Caw                       (b) mew                      (c) gibber                    (d) bleats

17. Young ones of cat is ………………

(a) Kite                       (b) kitten                     (c) fawn                      (d) calf

18. A ………… of cotton is piled up.

(a) Swarm                  (b) shoal                      (c) bale                        (d) suit

19. He is as soft as ……………..

(a) Rubber                (b) butter                     (c) eel                          (d) mule

20. I hate being laughed …………….

(a) On                                                              (b) at

(c) For                                                             (d) No preposition required


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