Sample Paper – English – CBSE 10th SA 2 –


Subject – English


  1. Read the passage given below:

The Trees

At seven, when dusk slips over the mountains.

The trees start whispering among themselves.

They have been standing still all day,

But now they stretch their limbs in the dark,

Shifting a little, flexing their fingers,

Remembering the time when

They too walked the earth with men.

They know me well, these trees:

Oak and walnut, spruce and pine,

They know me for a dreamer of dreams,

A world-loser, one of them.

They watch me while I watch them grow.

I listen to their whisperings,

Their own mysterious diction:

And bow my head before their arms

And ask for benediction.

___ Ruskin Bond

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

  1. Which poetic device do you find in the phrase-‘trees start whispering among themselves’?

(a) Simile                                                          (b) Metaphor

(c) Personification                                             (d) Onomatopoeia

2. Find a word similar in meaning to-‘the manner in which words are pronounced’ from the passage:

(a) Whisperings                                                            (b) Benediction

(c) Diction                                                                    (d) Flexing

3. According to this poem, who knows the poet very well?

(a) The spruce and pine                                                (b) Rhododendron

(c) Deodar                                                                   (d) the apple tree

4. What does the tree not do, to relax, in the evening?

(a) Stretch their limbs                                                    (b) Shift a little

(c) Flex their fingers                                                      (d) lie down

5. When does the dusk slip over the mountains?

(a) At six                                                                      (b) At seven

(c) In the morning                                                         (d) at night

2. Read the given passage carefully.


Lionel was in bad shape. He was bloodied and beaten. He was too weak to haul his poor, broken little body inside the house. By the time Nola saw him; his battered body had already lost too much blood. Lionel the duck, died a few minutes later.

When Nola broken the news to her customers, they were devastated. One elderly gentleman was especially heart-broken. He used to feed Lionel a slice of bread or a biscuit which he kept in his pocket especially for the occasion. They would spend an hour every weeks like that, enjoying each other’s company. When he heard about Lionel’s death, the old man sat down on the same bench and let the tears run freely down his cheeks. Two weeks later, he was dead.

Nola also had to tell the children who used to play with Lionel on their way to school. Lionel waddled around them, muttering and letting them feel his soft white feathers while they waited for the bus. Some of the children made sympathy cards for Nola. She also received many condolences-a few from friends and many from strangers. It was only then that we realized how many friends Lionel had made; how many hearts he had touched. It seemed as if the whole town was mourning his death.

On the basis of your reading of the above passage, complete the following statements by choosing the correct option from those given below:

  1. The school children were devastated because ……………

(A)   Lionel allowed them to feel his soft white feathers

(B)   Lionel waddled along with them to school

(C)   Lionel waited for the bus along with them

(D)   Lionel played with them while they waited for the bus

  1. The word closest in meaning to condolence is ………..


(A)  Valuable

(B)   Sympathy

(C)  Personal

  1. Nola received many condolences from friend and strangers. She felt …………..

(A)  Proud

(B)   Sympathetic

(C)  Angry

(D)  Touched

  1. Lionel could not be saved as ……………..

(A)   He was in bad shape

(B)   He was bloodied and beaten

(C)   He had lost too much blood

(D)   He was too weak to haul his poor broken body inside

  1. One elderly gentleman was especially heat-broken because ………….

(A)   He could no longer enjoy Lionel’s company

(B)   Two weeks later, he was dead

(C)   He could not longer feed Lionel a slice of bread or a biscuit

(D)   He could not longer spend an hour every week with him

3. Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

(a) Legends will tell you that flamingoes are no ordinary visitors to Kutch. They were the honoured guests of king Lakho and he had forbidden the hunting of flamingoes, which came to Kutch from various parts of the world every year to breed. For centuries the region has been a heaven for the migratory bird. Today, Flamingo City, an island in the middle of the Rann of Kutch, known the world over as one of the biggest breeding grounds of the Greater Flamingo, is strewn with bookies of hundreds of flamingo chicks. The parents of these chicks have fled the island due to lack of food. Zoo planktons, algae and small fish that these birds survive on are dying due to a sudden increase in the salinity of the Rann waters. One can even see dead fish floating.

(b) Flamingoes deed salt-encrusted, damp mud to build nests. The place where they build their nests has to be inaccessible to predatory cats and birds. It should also have sufficient food. The right mix of sweet and brackish water in the Rann is crucial for the proliferation of planktons and algae that the flamingoes feed on. Faced with starvation flamingoes have fled the island leaving their chicks to fend for themselves. Till date around a thousand flamingoes have died.

(c) Maharaj Kumarshri Himmatsinghji, a member of the royal family of Kutch and an expert on the birds of Kutch, traces the problem o increased salinity in the Rann waters to the be made to ensure that, at least some water flows into the Rann. In fact over the years, the number of flamingoes coming to the island have decreased because of the change in salinity of the Rann water. In 1945, Salim Ali, the late ornithologist, had found 5 lakh birds on the island. Since then, the number has not gone above 2.2 lakh. However, the studies carried out on the Flamingo City so far cannot be taken as 100 percent accurate because very few ornithologists have conducted regular studies on flamingoes in the are. The reason: the terrain is so inhospitable that it is simply not possible to visit the placer every year.

(d) Says Himmatsinghji, “the ringing of flamingoes is mandatory to conduct accurate and long term studies on the bird.” Unfortunately, every since Flamingo City was discovered in 1893, not a single bird has been ringed. No wonder questions like from where these birds migrate every year remain only partially answered.

On the basis of your reading of the passage given above, complete the following sentences. Write the answers in your answer sheet.

(i)                  Planktons and algae, which from the food of flamingoes, require …………..

(ii)                Kutch was referred to as a heaven for flamingoes as ……………..

(iii)               The increase in salinity in the Rann waters is due to ……………..

(iv)              Ornithologists and it difficult to conduct regular studies on flamingoes in the Rann as ……………..

(v)                To conduct long term studies on the bird …………………

4. Read the following passage carefully.

(a) The communities of ants are sometimes very large, numbering even to 500 individuals; and it is a lesson to us that no one has every yet seen a quarrel between any two ants belonging to the same community. On the other hand it must be admitted that they are in hostility not only with most other insects including ants of different species, but even with those of the same species if belonging to different communities. I have over and over again introduced ants from one nest to another of the same species; and they were invariably attacked, seized by a leg or an antenna, and dragged out.

(b) It is evident therefore; that the ants of each community all recognized one another and were perfectly friendly. While they at once attacked ants from a different nest, although of the same species.

(c) I have been suggested that the ants of each nest have some sign or password by which they recognize one another. To test this, I made some of them insensible, first, I tried chloroform; but this was fatal to them, and I did not consider the test satisfactory. I decided therefore to intoxicate them. This was less easy that I had expected. None of my ants would voluntarily degrade themselves by getting drunk. However, I got over the difficulty by putting them into whisky for a few moments. I took fifty specimens-twenty five from one nest and twenty five from another, made them dead drunk, marked each with a spot of paint, and put them on a table close to where other ants from one of the nests were feeding. The table was surrounded as usual with a moat of water to prevent them from straying. The ants which were feeding, soon noticed those which I had made drunk. They seemed quite astonished to find their comrades in such a disgraceful condition and were as much at a loss to know what to do with them as we were. After a while, however, they carried them all away; they took the strangers to the edge of the moat and dropped them into the water, while they bore their friends home into the nest, where by degrees they slept off the effects of the spirits. Thus, it is evident that they know their friend even when it is incapable of giving any sing or password.

On the basis of your reading of the passage, complete the following statements as briefly as possible. Write your answer sheets against the correct blank number:

(i)                  The writer makes humorous comment when he says that …………..

(ii)                The writer conducted the experiment with drunk ants because………..

(iii)               The lesson the writer wants us to learn from the ants is ………….

(iv)              The writer decided to intoxicate the ants because ……………

(v)                The writer discovered that ants of one community do not welcome ants of another community when ………..


5. You are Akshita/Akshya staying at 15, Agra Road, Kanpur. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper highlighting the necessity of having better facilities for pedestrians by improving the condition of the footpaths in your city. Use the following notes the write the letter in 150-175 words.

6. Yehudit Arnon is the founder of world class Israeli Dance School. Given below are hints about her life. Using these hints, write a short bio-sketch.

  • Moved to Israel in 1948.
  • Troupe world famous
  • Joined—lionist movement in Budapest
  • Birth – Orthodox family, Komorno town in Czechoslovakia
  • Interest—Dance movement
  • 1959 formed dance troupe
  • Mishap—at eh age of 12, Nazis enter Komorno Arnon’s family deported, family murderers.

7. You are Abhishek /Amita. You came across the following advertisement in a magazine Live; work; play.

Let the new Nokia 7310 give you exciting new drive at work and at play. Match your fair paced lifestyle with its smart phone features. Be it business on the move or enjoying with your friends, Nokia is handy.

Taking ideas from the unit on ‘Science’ along with your own ideas, write an article is 150-200 words for your school magazine on how such gadgets influence teenagers.


8. Complete the headlines by choosing the correct option given below:

(I) New Bus stand in Jalandhar opened:

A new bus stand in Jalandhar……….. in a glittering ceremony by Chief Minister yesterday.

(ii) There MLAs suspended:

The speaker of Haryana Legislative assembly said that three MLA’s ……….. For breaking the rules of the house.

(iii) Loudspeakers Banned for two days:

(iv) No hike in oil prices

The Union Petroleum Minister announced that oil Prices …………. In near future.

9. Rearrange the following words and phrases to form meaningful sentences.

What/about twenty/childhood/delight/year ago.

Childhood was a delight about twenty years ago.

(i)                  Playing /feel/is a/waste of/they/time/that


(ii)                Of most/now-a-days/the attitude/parents is/different


(iii)               The leisure hours/of a child/of the TV/today/are spent/in front.


(iv)              Work and play/different things/they see/as/two


10. Choose the correct option from those given below to fill in the blanks:

Most animals, including the great cats, do not (a) ………. Man and they do their best to (b) ………..him. My brain turns round and rounds like a whirlwind at this odd behavior. The explanation that the animals (c) ……………. That man is a killer is (d) ………….. Convincing. To me, men are comparatively weak and defenseless. Animals are more agile and alert.

(I) (A) prefer                (b) admire                    (c) hate             (d) like

(ii) (A) avoid                 (b) shirk                       (c) kill                           (d) overpower

(iii) (A) know                (b) believe                    (c) feel              (d) see

(iv) (A) unbelievingly     (b) generally                 (c) hardly                      (d) particularly

11. Read the conversation give below and then complete the passage choosing the right option.

Anil: Why is there such a big crowd on that street?

Ravi: A new shop selling sports goods is opening today.

Anil: Is a film star doing the opening ceremony?

Ravi: I heard that Sachin Tendulkar is inaugurating it.

Anil asked Ravi (a) …………Ravi replied that new shop (b) ………….Anil enquired (c) ……………………Ravi told him that (d) ……………… .

12. Choose the correct answer to fill in the blanks:

Celebrities don’t have (a) ———- privacy that an ordinary person (b) ———— .The most personal details of their lives are splashed (c) ———— the front pages (d) ————leading dailies. Media follows them wherever they (e) ————— When they try to (f) ————- things that normal people do, like eating out or watching football game, they run the risk of being interrupted (g) ———— thoughtless autograph hounds (h) ———- aggressive fans.

(I)  (A) any                   (b) much                       (c) more                                   (d) the

(ii) (A) have                  (b) has                          (c) had                                     (d) having

(iii) (a) Under                (b) between                  (c) above                                  (d) on

(iv) (A) Over                (b) of                            (c) with                                     (d) most

(V) (A) Went               (b) go                           (c) been                                    (d) were

(VI) (A) Carry (b) workout                  (c) turn                                     (d) do

(vii) (A) by                   (b) of                            (c) with                                     (d) about

(viii) (A) Either (b) nor                          (c) by                                       (d) and


13. Answer any four of the following question in 30-40 words each:

(a) From that day he had risen at four o’ clock each morning to walk to the post office. What brought about this change in Ali? Why did he visit the post office daily?

(b) What are the personal qualities the mirror claims to possess?

(c) Why did the audience praise the nightingale’s song?

(d) How did Brutus persuade Caesar to go to senate house?

(e) Why did narrator in “The Ultimate Safari’ wish to go back to her village even when she got everything in the refugee camp?

14. (a) I saw flies crawling on our grandmother’s face and she didn’t brush them off I was frightened.

(i) How did the narrator feel when she saw flies o her grandma’s face?

(A) Afraid                    (b) surprised                 (c) sad                                      (d) shocked

(ii) How did the narrator chase the flies away from her face?

(a) With the help of a wooden stick                   (b) with the help of a palm leaf

(c) With the help of newspaper             (d) she didn’t chase then away

(iii) Why did the grandmother’s not brush them off?

(a) Because she was exhausted

(b) Because she didn’t know they were there

(c) Because she didn’t feel like brushing them off

(d) Because she was sick

14. (b) But here’s a parchment with the seal of Caesar, I found it in his closet, it is his will :

Let but the commons hear this testament

Which, pardon me, I do not mean to read

And they would go and kiss dead Caesar’s wounds:

(i)                  Where is the speaker at this moment?

(ii)                What is the reaction of the listeners after these lines?

(iii)               Who speaks these words?

14. (c) Read the extracts given below and then answer the questions that follow by choosing the correct option.

“Not too bad – but far too long.

The technique was fine, of course. But it lacked a certain force.”

(i)                  What technique is referred to here?

(a) The singing technique                             (b) the painting technique

(c) The hearing technique                           (d) none of the above

(ii) Why is the listener not happy with the song?

(a) The frog has no knowledge of music            (b) the frog is just boasting of his song

(c) The frog poses to be a musician                   (d) the song is an imitation

(iii) Who is the critic?

(a) The frog                                                      (b) the loon

(c) The nightingale                                             (d) a long creature

15. Answer any one of the following in 150 words.

What were the blessings which the mariners experienced when the albatross arrived on the ship?


Was Brutus’ decision to permit Antony to speak a wise one? Why?

Sample Paper – English – CBSE 10th SA 2 –
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