Sample Paper – Social Science CBSE SA 2

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Section – A

1. Which one of the following was developed to relieve the pressure on Kolkata Port?

(a) Paradip                  (b) Marmagyo                  (c) Haldia             (d) Vishakhapatnam

2. Which one of the following minerals is found in the monazite sand?

(a) Thorium                   (b) Coal                         (c) Uranium    (d) Oil

3. Which one of the following agency market steel for the Public Sector Plants?

(a) MNCC                       (b) SAIL                       (c) HAIL               (d) TATA Stell

4. Manikaron is famous for:

(a) Wind Energy                (b) Geothermal             (c) Solar Energy      (d) Nuclear Energy

5. Human Rights organizations are:

(a) A public inters                                                                 (b) A sectional inter group

(c) A community                                                                      (d) None of these

6. Who was Paul Bernard?

(a) Economist                                                                      (b) Historian

(c) Capitalist                                                                       (d) Geographer

7. Which Act gives enormous power to the government to repress political activities?

(a) Inland Emigration act                                                       (b) The rowlatt Act

(c) Poona Act                                                                           (d) Vernacular Act

8. In which year Napoleonie war began in Italy?

(a) 1848             (b) 1905                        (c) 1797                    (d) 1814

9. When was the Tonkin free school started?

(a) 1980              (b) 1941                         (c) 1971                      (d) 1907

10. FEDECOR was a:

(a) Public interest group

(b) Sectional interest group

(c) Political Party

(d) Movement

11. Formal sources of credit does not include:

(a) Banks            (b) Co – operatives      (c) Owner                           (d) Employees

12. How many members are there in typical SHG help group?

(a) 15 – 20          (b) 50 – 60                    (c) 30 – 35                           (d) 5 – 6

13. Partisan means:

(a) A group of people who come together to promote common beliefs.

(b) affair of the state

(c) Party which runs the government

(d) a person who is strongly committed to a party

14. In which year consumer protection Act was lunched?

(a) 1986               (b) 1960                      (c) 1989                                      (d) 1980

15. The Past two decades of globalization has seen rapid movement in:

(a) Investments and service between countries

(b) Goods, services and people between countries

(c) Goods, investment and people between countries

(d) Goods, services and investment

16. Which of the following challenge involves in strengthening of the institution and parties of democracy?

(a)  Challenge of expansion                                     (b) Foundational challenge

(d) Deepening of democracy                                    (d) None of these

Section – B

17. What is the meant by the idea of Satyagraha?

18. How was French Indo – China formed?

19. “Nepoleon had destroyed democracy in France, but in the administrative field he had incorporated revolutionary principles.” Justify this statement.

20. What is sustainable economic development? Give its main feature?

21. What are the major categories of challenges that democracy faces?

22. Mention any three challenges before the countries which do not have democratic form of Government.

23. Explain two points of distinction between conventional & Non – conventional sources of energy?

24. Mention three importance of manufacturing industries?

25.”There is a need for rapid industrialization of India”. Give three reasons.

26. Mention any three features of promotional groups.

27. What factors gave birth to the consumer movement in India? Give three factors?

28. Mention any three factors which cause exploitation of consumers?

29. “Globalisation and competition among producers has been advantages to the consumers”. Give arguments in support of this statement.

30. Discuss the impact of the Non – cooperation movement.

31. What is currency? Explain any three features of modern Indian currency.

32. Write the major functions of political parties? Explain.

33. Explain any four advantages of pipeline transportation.

34. Locate & label the following items with appropriate symbols:

(a)  Paradip sea port.

(b) Noida Software Technology.

(c) The place where no tax campaign was launched.

(d) Ajmer mica mines.

(e) The place where Indian National Congress session 1927 was held.


Five features with serial number 1 to 5 are marked on the given political outline map of India. Identify it.

(a) a sea port. (Tuticorin)

(b) Software technology park. (Thiruvanantpuram)

(c) The place where Indian National Congress session held in Sept. 1920.

(d) an iron ore mine. (Kudremukh)

(e) A place where Jallianwala Bagh incident took place.

35. Study the given passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

“Thereafter over more than ten days, he and I debated time and again, and our opinions were diametrically opposed. That is to say, he wished to overthrow the monarchy in order to create a basis for the promotion of popular rights; I, on the contrary, maintained that first the foreign enemy should be driven out, and after jour nation’s independence was restored we could talk about other things. My plan was to make use of the monarchy, which he opposed absolutely. His plan was to rise up the people to abolish the monarchy, with which I absolutely disagreed. In other words, he and I were pursuing one and the same goal but our means were considerably different.’

(a) Who is he and about what they are discussing?

(b) What were their goals?

(c) How were their ideas differ from each other?

(d) Who is the speaker of the passage?


A national is the culmination of a long past of endeavors, sacrifice and devotion. A heroic past, great man glory, that is the social capital upon which on bases a national idea. To have common glories in the past, to have a common will in the present, to have performed great deeds together, to wish to perform still more, these are the essential conditions of being a people. A nation is therefore, a large – scale solidarity…………. Its existence is a daily plebiscite ……A province is its inhabitants; if anyone has the right to be consulted, it is the inhabitant. A nation never has any real interest in annexing or holding on to a country against its will. The existence of nations is a good thing, a necessity even. Their existence is a guarantee of liberty, which would be lost if the world had only one law and one master.’

(a) What do the speaker wants to explain in the above passage?

(b) Why the existence of a nation is important?

(c) Write the source of the above passage.

(d) Explain ‘nation’ on the basis of the passage.

Sample Paper – Social Science CBSE SA 2
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