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Subject: – General Knowledge (G.K) / General Science (G.S)

1. Which is the time period of member of Rajya Sabha?

(a) 3 years              (b) 4 years        (c) 5 years       (d) 6 years

2. Where Shataranj was started?

(a) India                 (b) Persia         (c) Arab           (d) Europe

3. Who is the Writer of “the White Castle”?

(A) Orhan Pamuk                           (b) R.K.Narayan.

(c) Dr. A.P.J.Abdul kalam.             (d) Vikram Seth

4. “Connecting India” is related with?

(a) Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.

(b) Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited

(c) Airtel

(d) Nokia

5. “V.S. Nay pal is related with the book?

(a) A bend in the River                                (b) A house for me Vishwas

© An Area of darkness

Choose options from above: –

(a) Only 1            (b) Only 1 and 3 (c) Only 2 and 3           (d) All of these

6. Which is the smallest country in Population?

(a) Vatican City                  (b) Nauru         (c) Monaco                  (d) Palau

7. The Highest dam Bhakhara Nangal is built up on the river in India?

(a) Vyas                 (b) Jhelum                    (c) Satluj                      (d) Kyat

8. Number of Union Territory in India is?

(a) 5                       (b) 7                             (c) 9                             (d) 6

9. The game of Thomas cup is related with?

(a) Hockey                         (b) Football                  (c) Basketball               (d) Badminton

10.  Which is the largest state of India in respect to Area?

(a) U.P                   (b) M.P                        (c) Maharashtra            (d) Rajasthan

11. Sorrow or Bihar is?

(a) Damodar           (b) Kosi                       (c) Shone                     (d) Gandak

12. The fertile land between two rivers is called?

(a) Jalsambhar        (b) Jalvibhajak (c) Dobb                      (d) Tarai

13. Where is the biggest hoard of Mica?

(a) South Africa      (b) India                       (c) U.S.A                     (d) Australia

14. Who was the last Vaysaray of India?

(a) Lord Linlithgo (b) Lord Mountbatten     (c) Lord Bevel (d) Clement Atli

15. W.T.O was established in?

(a) In 1991             (b) In 1995                   (c) In 1997                   (d) In 1999

16. The Maximum production of wheat in India’s state is?

(a) Punjab              (b) U.P                         (c) M.P                        (d) Haryana

17. Who was the founder of Aligarh Movement?

(a) Sir Aga khan                             (b) Maulana Altaf Husain Hali

© Maulana shabbily                                    (d) Sir Saied Ahmad khan

19. Who said? Economic is the science of wealth.

(a) Raubince           (b) J.S.Mil                    (c) Adam Smith            (d) Kinj

20. What is the Position of India in Milk production?

(a) 4th (b) 3rd (c) 2nd (d) 1st

21. “Lig of Nations” was established?

(a) 10th February 1920                               (b) 10th December 1919

© 10th January 1920                                   (d) 1st January 1920

22. Full Name of “LAN” is?

(a) Land Area Network                              (b) Local Area Network

© Local Access Network                           (d) Local Area Netware

23. Which machine was made by Charles Babbage from the following?

(a) Ballistic Engine (b) Arithmetic Engine (c) Tabulating Machine         (d) Holed Card

24. Which Bank performs the duty of Central Bank in India?

(a) Central Bank of India                            (b) State Bank of India

© Reserve Bank of India                            (d) Only A and B

25. The Coin of Myanmar?

(a) Dollar                (b) Rupees                   (c) Taka                       (d) Kyat

26. Where is the head quarter of UNESCO?

(a) Paris                 (b) Geneva                   (c) Newark                  (d) Bangkok

27. Which of the following political party is not registered as National political party?

(a) Indian National Congress                       (b) B.J.P.

© Bahujan Samaj Party                              (d) Trinmul Congress

28. Union system with strong centre in Indian constitution is taken from?

(a) U.S.A               (b) Canada                   (c) U.K                        (d) Franc

29. Who is related with invention of Nylon?

(a) Louis Pasture                                        (b) J.Nicefore Napes

(c) Jon Carbot                                            (d) Dr.Valas H.Cairathars

30. Which place is included in the least of Vishva Virasat sthal from the following?

(a) Chilka Jhil           (b) Dull Jhil     (c) Nagin Jhil           (d) Sundar National Park

31. Which of the following has one ICC  T 20?

(a) India                 (b) Pakistan                  (c) Australia                  (d) England

32. On which place meet related to climate changing was held in September 2007 by UNO?

(a) Vienna              (b) Beijing                    (c) Tokyo                     (d) Amsterdam

33. Which of the following is not music of Karnataka?

(a) Kriti                  (b) Thilana                    (c) Shlokam                  (d) Tappa

34. Who was the first person who got Bharat Ratna?

(a) B.C.Ray                                                (b) S.Chandrashekhar

(c) C.V.Raman                                           (d) Govind Ballave Pant

35. Which of the following Terminal of Trans Siberian Railway?

(a) Masco and Vladivostok                         (b) Sent Pitarsvarg and Ladivostak

© Masco and Krasnoyarsk                         (d) Sent Pitarsvarg and Krasnoyarsk

36. What is gathered heat in Steam?

(a) Specific Heat                                        (b) Latent Heat

© Constant Heat                                                    (d) Expected Heat

37. In which of the following states of India the boarder does not touch with Myanmar?

(a) Assam               (b) Manipur                  (c) Nagaland                (d) Arunachal Pradesh

38. With which corps black soil is related?

(a) Cotton              (b) Sugar cane                          (c) Tea                         (d) Coffee

39. Which of the following place is situated Sangam of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda?

(a) Rudra Prayag    (b) Dev Prayag (c) Vishnu Prayag         (d) Karn Prayag

40. Which of the following is not a political right?

(a) Right to Vote                             (b) Right to Live

© Right to Participating in Election              (d) Right to Complain against exploitation

41. Vice President is chair person of?

(a) Rajya sabha                                                      (b) Lok sabha

(c) Planning Commission                             (d) National development council

42. Which of the following is important teaching of Mahatma Gandhi?

(a) Truth                 (b) Non-violence                      (c) Religion                   (d) Satyagrah

(i) Only A and C     (ii) Only B and D          (iii) Only A and B         (iv) Only A, B and C

43. What is the minimum age for Indian civilian to vote?

(a) 18 Years           (b) 21 Years                 (c) 16 Years                 (d) 20 Years

44. Which of the following is not a fundamental right?

(a) Right to Equality                                    (b) Right to Freedom

© Right of Wealth                           (d) Right against exploitation

45. What is the advantage of monotonous system of rule?

(a) More favors

(b) Strong State

(c) More participation of public

(d) Less possibility of dictatorship

46. Which of the following is not a part of state?

(a) Population         (b) Land                       (c) Army                      (d) Government

47. According to Indian constitution central minister remains on his post on whose desire?

(a) President                                   (b) Prime Minister of India

© Parliament                                  (d) Supreme Court

48. Which of the following are included in parliament?

(a) President, Lok sabha, and Rajya sabha

(b) Lok sabha and Rajya sabha

© Lok sabha and Vidhan Sabha

(d) Vidhan Sabha, Vidhan Parishad and Lok Sabha

49. When was the first finance commission established?

(a) In 1950             (b) In 1951                   (c) In 1952                   (d) In 1954

50. Who deputes chief minister?

(a) Governor

(b) President

(c) Chief Justice of Supreme Court

(d) Chief Justice of High Court

51. Gandhi ji was true supporter of?

(a) Large Industry   (b) Small Industry

(c) Both Industry                (d) None of these

52. Who was the Jain scholar respected by Akbar?

(a) Hem Chandra                (b) Hari Vijay

(c) Vastupal                                    (d) Bhadra Bahu

53. Which of the following is not in Fatehpur sikari?

(a) Panch Mahal                                         (b) Moti Mahal

(c) Tomb of Salem chisti                (d) Marium Palace

54. Which Sultan said himself the second Sikandar?

(a) Balban                                                  (b) Ala Uddin Khilzi

(c) Muhammad Bin Tuglak                          (d) Sikandar Lodi

55. What was the main food of Vedic Arya?

(a) Barley and Rice                                     (b) Milk and its Product

(c) Rice and Pulses                                     (d) Vegetables and Fruit

56. Swaraj party was found after failure of?

(a) Non Co-operation movement

(b) Non-obedience moment

(c) Quit India moment

(d) Champaran Styagrah

57. The largest permanent army of Sultan dynasty which was paid directly by state


(a) Iltutmis                                                 (b) Ala Udine Khilzi

(c) Muhammad Bin Tuglak              (d) Sikandar Lodi

58. Chanakya, Teacher of Chandraguptmorya was related with which teaching centre?

(a) TachhShila        (b) Nalanda                  (c) Vikramshila             (d) Vaishali

Sample paper SSC LDC Examination
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