BHU Medical Entrance Exam Zoology Sample Paper

Sample papers




1. Who wrote the book “Genetics and the Origin of Species”?

(a) Devis        (b) Dobzhansky                      (c) Julian Huxley                 (d) Fisher

2. Who gave the theory of “Pangenesis”?

(a) Correns           (b) Darwin                            (c) Mendel                      (d) Hugo de Vries

3. In which phylum is water vascular system found:

(a) Porifera              (b) Echinodermata             (c) Arthopoda                 (d) Protozoa

4. Under certain conditions scientists have obtained cell like structures, these are known as:

(a) Prebiotists             (b) prebiotic soup               (c) coacervates           (d) microbes

5. Who did an experiment to prove that “ The organic compounds” were the basis of life/

(a) Fox                       (b) Stanley Miller and Harold C.Urey

(c) Melvin                    (d) Darwin

6. Which one of the following was most likely to be absent in free form in the primordial atmosphere at the time of origin of life?

(a) Oxygen                (b) Hydrogen                      (c) Echinodermata           (d) Protozoa

7. Which is the correct explanatory word of the composition of protoplasm?

(a) Suspension                                                       (b) Emulsion

(c) Complex colloidal solution (d) Molecular solution

8. What is the scientific name of Jave Ape man?

(a) Homo rhodesiensis                                            (b) Homo hedelbergensis

(c) Pithecanthropus erectus                                        (d) pithecanthropus pekinensis

9. Proper burial of dead bodies for the first time started in which pre – historic man’s period?

(a) Peking man                                                           (b) Java man

(c) Cro – Magnon man                                                (d) Neanderthal man

10. Who was awarded Nobel Prize for deciphering the language of honey bee?

(a) H.G. Khorana                                                          (b) K.V. Frisch

(c) C. Darwin                                                                  (d) W. Harvey

11. PH of human blood is:

(a) 8 : 4                  (b) 5 : 4                           (c) 7 : 4                      (d) 6 : 4

12. Haemoglobin is having maximum affinity with:

(a) O2 (b) NH3 (c) CO                         (d) CO2

13. Penetration of ovum by sperm during fertilization is done by the:

(a) centrosome       (b) mitochondria              (c) acrosome                 (d) none of these

14. Who developed the “Key for identification of animals?

(a) George cuvier                                                            (b) Goethe

(c) John Mayr                                                                    (d) Theophrastus

15. What is the name of the book written by Aristotle?

(a) Histone                                                               (b) Historia Animalium

(c) Systema Naturae                                                 (d) Philosophie Zoology

16. Waste material in Amoeba is taken out by:

(a) nephron                 (b) vacuole            (c) cytoplasm                        (d) plasmalemma

17. Restriction endonuclease is used in:

(a) tissue culture                                                       (b) cell fractionation

(c) regeneration of tissues                                            (d) genetic engineering

18. Pick out the pair of essential (indispensable) amino acid:

(a) lycine and phenyl alanine                                    (b) tryptophan glutamic acid

(c) valin and histidine                                                (d) leucine and glycine

19. Function of spermatheca in earthworm i:

(a) fertilization                                                     (b) collection of sperms of same animals

(c) collection of sperms of other animals               (d) sperm maturation

20. Which two extra cranial nerves are present in amniotes?

(a) Hypoglossal and ficial                                     (b) Trigeminal and glossopharyngeal

(c) Laryngeal and hypoglossal                                (d) Spinal accessory and hypoglossal

21. Craniostylic jaw suspenson is found in:

(a) rabbit               (b) flightless birds    (c) limbless amphibians           (d) shark

22. In which of the following eggs meroblastic cleavage occurs:

(a) Telolecithal      (b) Centrolecithal         (c) Isolecithal                 (d) Microleithal

23. Ciliated   epithelium lines the:

(a) tracheal and fallopian tube                                 (b) bile duct and ureter epithelium

(c) pharyngeal and stomach mucosae                      (d) trachea and oesophagus

24. How many embryonic segments fuse to form head of adult cockroach?

(a) 10                        (b) 4                        (c) 6                                 (d) 8

25. The sound reception can be interpreted by:

(a) cerebellum                                                         (b) cerebral hemisphere

(c) olfactory lobe                                                     (d) medulla oblongata

26. Mitotic fibres are present in:

(a) ampullae of semi – circular canal of internalear

(b) voluntary muscles

(c) cerebral cortex

(d) mammalian heart

27. Which of the foetal membrane is directly connected with blood?

(a) Chorion                  (b) Yolk sac                (c) Amnion             (d) Allantoic

28. Sperm penetration bring changes in ova, is:

(a) II – meiosis                                                      (b) I – meiosis

(c) formation of first polar body                          (d) formation of pronuclei

29. Right auricle of the mammalian heart release blood through:

(a) pulmonary aorta                                                (b) vena cava

(c) mitral valve                                                       (d) tricuspid valve

30. Adrenal medulla is derived from:

(a) mesoderm                                                            (b) endoderm

(c) ectoderm                                                               (d) both (a) and (c)

31. If nuclear division or DNA duplication is blocked then:

(a) only one centriole will form

(b) centrosome cycle will be also be block

(c) centrosome cycle will be proceed normally

(d) none of these

32. Formation of embryosac from diploid cells of ovule is known as:

(a) amphimixis                                                      (b) apospory

(c) apogamy                                                         (d) apospory

33. Myxotrophic nutrition is found in:

(a) Chara                   (b) Euglena                       (c) mango               (d) all Protozoa

34. Chloragogen cell serve for:

(a) storage of glycogen and fat

(b) excretion

(c) respiration

(d) both (b) and (c)

35. What are the most diversed molecules in the cell?

(a) Proteins                    (b) Lipids                    (c) Carbohydrates            (d) Minerals

36. The pace – setter in the heart is called:

(a) sino aterial node

(b) Purkinje fibres

(c) artio – ventricular node (AVN)

(d) Purkinje fibers

37. Direction of replication in mitochondrial DNA will be:

(a) bidirectional

(b) replication absent

(c) unidirectional

(d) both (a) and (b)

38. Pepsin is activated by:

(a) trysin        (b) hydrochloric acid       (c) chymotrypsin        (d) Pepsin

39. What are the most diversed molecules in the cell?

(a) Lipids          (b) Proteins                        (c) Carbohydrate          (d) Minerals

40. A gorilla like man has huge hands and legs this is due to abnormal secretion of:

(a) thyroid      (b) Pituitary LH       (c) Pituitary G H      (d) Pituitary FSH

41. Amniotic egg is present:

(a) Mammals          (b) reptiles           (c) Hydra                 (d) both (b) and (c)

42. Building  block of DNA are:

(a) nucleic acid                                                       (b) nucleotides

(c) nucleosomes                                                         (d) nucleosides

43. In micturition:

(a) urethra contracts

(b) ureter relaxes

(c) urethr contracts

(d) uretera relaxes

44. Maximum peptidoglycan is present in which of the cell?

(a) PPLO

(b) PSTV

(c) Gram negative bacterial cell

(d) Gram positive bacterial cell

45. Nourishment in trypnosoma is:

(a) osmotrophy                                                          (b) chemotrophy

(c) autotrophy                                                            (d) both (a) and (b)

46. In man the largest vertebra is:

(a) lumber                                                                     (b) cervical

(c) caudal                                                                      (d) sacral

47. Thiamine Pyrophosphate (TPP) plays an important role in the cleavage of bonds:

(a) keto group

(b) aldehyde group

(c) carbonyl group

(d) carboxylic group

48. The receptor for water soluble hormones are located on target cell surface hen for fat soluble hormones receptors are:

(a) in cytosol

(b) also on cell surface

(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) does not have cell receptor

49. Cytoplasm of amoeba Proteus not contain:

(a) mesosomes

(b) ER and ribosomes

(c) ectoplasm and endoplasm

(d) endoplasm and mitochondira

50. M and N blood groups are of importance in:

(a) medicolegal tests

(b) blood transfusion

(c) both (a) and (b)

(d) none of these

BHU Medical Entrance Exam Zoology Sample Paper
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