SSC LDC Sample Paper

Staff Selection Commission (SSC) (LDC) Sample Paper / Practice Paper

              Directions (Q. 1 to 5): Read each of the following sentences to find out whether there is any error in it. The error, if any, will be in one underlined part of the sentence. The alphabet of that part in answer. If there is no there is no error. The answer is ‘E’. (Ignore the error of punctuation if any).

1. You try and make /A) as much profit as you can /B) without really to worry for /C) methods you have resorted to /D). No error /E)

2. The trouble is /A) that what /B) every one knows /C) isn’t true /D). No error /E)

3. The police wanted to know /A) who had arrived /B) early that day /C), the guard or the manager /D). No error /E)

4. No sooner did /A) she end her speech /B) she was /C) subjected to a barrage of questions by media men /D). No error /E)

5. My living accommodation /A) comprises of /B) three bedroom /C), a kitchen and a bathroom /D). No error/E)

Directions (Q. 6 to 10): In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs of words/phrases. You have to choose a pair of words that fits into the blanks to give a meaningful sentence.

6. He is a person who has been ———by society and is fighting to be ———accepted into mainstream society.

(a) Stabbed; hopefully                                                (b) marginalized; legitimately

(c) Vandalized; curiously                                           (d) immersed; confidently

(e) Reviewed; favourably

7. ———— was going to be a problem and wanted to avoid the ————who were quoting high prices for hotel rooms.

(a) Accommodation; touts                                         (b) Agreement; opponent

(c) Adjustment; accomplice                                       (d) bed; hotels

(e) Accord; proponent

8. The work of a clerk is a ————– desk job that envolves ————–through volumes of ledgers.

(a) Boring; combing                                                   (b) dull; brooding sad. Going

(c) Sad; going                                                                         (d) dreary; wading

(e) Depressing; cutting

9. This was combined with visits to ware house to check ————of cotton, —————-task in deed.

(a) Builders; jaded                                                      (b) packets; competent

(c) Bales; tedious                                                       (d) heaps; jolly

(e) Shreds; cautious

10. It is a good ———- but one that is doubted by ———– historians.

(a) Fable; recent                                                         (b) surmise; modern

(c) Story; new                                                                         (d) yarn; contemporary

(e) Work; all

Directions (11 to 15): Read each of the following sentences to find out whether, there is any error in it. Each sentence has four words or phrases underlined. The error, if any, will be in one underlined part. The alphabet of that part is answer. If there is no error, the answer is ‘E’. (Ignore the error of punctuation, if any)

11. The jury /A) did not /B) approved to /C) Karnataka government’s plea to release Veerappan’s aids /D) to facilitate Raj Kumar’s safe return. No error /E)

12. As to /A) the question of who started it, we are in the process of setting /B) that right now /C), so don’t be so /D) quick to assign blame. No error /E)

13. She didn’t /A) want to participate in the drama but /B) her teacher kept /C) egging her at /D). No error /E)

14. Let /A) be arrested wherever /C) he may be /D) found. No error /E)

15. He disguised /A) himself /B) lest /C) he should not be /D) recognized. No error /E)

Directions (Q. 16 to 20): Read each of the following sentences some part or all the sentence is underlined. Below each sentence is given five ways of phrasing the underlined part. Select the answer from among the options which produces the most effective sentence one that is clear and exact.

16. The end of polling also saw the strewing of strips of paper all over the other wise clean floors and grounds off and around the school.

(a) The otherwise clean floors and grounds off and around the school.

(b) Except cleaned floors and grounds off and around the school.

(c) The otherwise cleaned floors and grounds around the school.

(d) The otherwise clean floors and grounds around the school.

(e) Except clean floors and grounds of the school.

17. Neither are they politically accountable nor it is the role of journalists to try and secure that accountability.

(a) Neither are they politically accountable nor it is the role of journalists.

(b) Neither are they politically accountable nor is it the role of journalists.

(c) They are neither accountable nor it is the role of journalists.

(d) They neither are politically accountable nor is it the role of journalists.

(e) Neither they are politically accountable nor is it the role of journalists.

18. Much the same is true about the decision to not broadcast the Papal message on Doordarshan.

(a) Much the same is true about the decision to not broadcast.

(b) Much the same is true about the decision not to broadcast.

(c) Much of the same is true about the decision to not broadcast.

(d) Much the same is true of the decision not to broadcast.

(e) Much of the same is true to the decision to not broadcast.

19. On such occasions, it makes an issue of a subject of limited importance and then parades itself as if applause is due.

(a) Then parades itself as if applause is due.

(b) Than parades itself as if applause is due.

(c) Then parades itself as if applause were due.

(d) Than parades itself as if applause was due.

(e) Then itself parades as if applause was due.

20. Many of them who now preach efficiency in the financial sector are those who have earlier helped themselves the largess of the banks.

(a) Many of them who now preach efficiency.

(b) Many of them who preach efficiency now.

(c) Many of them whom preach efficiency now.

(d) Many of those who now preach efficiency.

(e) Many of those who now have preached efficiency.

Directions (Q. 21 to 25): Each question below consists of a word printed in capital letters. Choose the word that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capitalized letters.


(a) Delicious               (b) fragile                   (c) friendly                 (d) praising                 (e) ingrained


(a) Clerical                 (b) ignorant                 (c) ornate                    (d) rudimentary          (e) learned


(a) Ambitious                         (b) implied                  (c) inspiring                (d) abstract                 (e) naive


(a) Sincere                  (b) insipid                   (c) eager                      (d) outrageous            (e) infuse


(a) Longevity              (b) repression             (c) relation                  (d) glance                    (e) praise

            Directions (Q. 26 to 30): Arrange the following b, c, d & e sentence between (a) & (f) in a logical sequence to construct a logical coherent paragraph.

26.       a. The fact is that our agricultural policies are caught in a time warp, and have not moved beyond the times when shortages were the norms.

b. Input subsidies, incentive prices, ban on inter-state movement of grain, procurement, of buffer – stock building – were all essential at that time to induce farmers to adopt better practices and produce more, as was the universal coverage of public distribution system.

c. As the green revolution spread beyond Punjab and Haryana to other parts of the country and the food shortage disappeared.

d. Then policies should have been adjusted to encourage the farmers in surplus states to shift to producing pulses, cotton and oil seeds all of which are currently being imported at high prices.

e. Our political parties and successive governments have contributed to this situation by counting ‘farm lobby’ and pushing policies that have ultimately harmed the farmers most.

f. The task force on WTO and agriculture is now working on a road map for transition to a market, based and globally integrated agricultural economy for India.

(a) abcdef                    (b) acbdef                   (c) adbcef                    (d) adecbf                   (e) abcedf

27.       a. The horrors of the Nazis holocaust suffered by the Jewish community over 50 years ago have been politically appropriated by Israel to position itself as a perennial potential victim surrounded by implacable foes.

b. From being oppressed, it has turned oppressor with a vengeance.

c. But over the years, Israel by its own actions undermined all this good will.

d. But does any civilized nation respond to stones by opening up with heavy artillery and helicopter gunship?

e. It is no one’s contention that Israelis stand by and be attached by armed Palestinian youth.

f. Israel does so and believes it is right to do so.

(a) abcdef                    (b) acbedf                   (c) acedbf                    (d) abdcef                   (e) adbcef

28.       a. We started a serious export drive about ten or twelve years ago, when we foresaw that Indian industry perse or Indian economy perse is not going to give the kind of growth that we wanted.

b. It goes up one year; it comes down the next year and after about five years.

c. So the only place where you could grow is the outside the country and in order to do that one has to become not just competitive but internationally acceptable as a supplier.

d. This is very important.

e. You find that you are more or less in the same place.

f. There is no easy route for this.

(a) abcdef                    (b) acbedf                   (c) abecdf                    (d) acdebf                   (e) aedbcf

29.       a. We looked forward to the sun of freedom and the opportunity that freedom brings.

b. It has been a long twilight and the brightness of the day is still to come.

c. It is one of the mind and heart.

d. but though sun rose, it was hidden from us by dark clouds and for us it remained a twilight hour.

e. For freedom is not mere question of political decision or new constitution, not even a matter of what is more important, that is, economic policy.

f. If the mind narrows itself and is befogged and the heart is full of bitterness and hatred, then freedom is absent.

(a) abcdef                    (b) acbdef                   (c) adbecf                    (d) aedbcf                   (e) abdedcf

30.       a. Destiny has cast certain role on this country.

b. Whether any one of us present here can be called men or women of destiny or not I do not known.

c. But whether we are men or women of destiny or not, India is a country of destiny

d. That is a big work which does not apply to average human being.

e. So far as we represent this great country with a great destiny stretching out in front of her.

f. We also have to act as men and women of destiny. Viewing all our problems in that long perspective of destiny and of the world.

(a) abcdef                    (b) acbdef                   (c) acdbef                    (d) adebcf                   (e) abdcef

            Directions (Q. 31 to 35): Each of the sentences below has one or more blank spaces. Each blank indicating that a word has been omitted. Beneath each sentence five words or set of words are given. Choose the one word or set of words. Which, when inserted in the sentence, best fits in the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

31. The country’s forest cover is ———so rapidly that a ————of famine now appears a tangible reality.

(a) Tinkering; chicanery                                (b) depleting; nightmare

(c) Dawdling; occurring                                 (d) expiring; happening

(e) Increasing; glut

32. The party’s posture of self-righteousness had been punctured and a ———of suspicion ———-around its president.

(a) Miasma; lingers                                        (b) concert; hatches

(c) Concoction; owns-up                                (d) haze; thickness

(e) Cloud; roams

33. This invaded his privacy, which no longer remained ———nor inviolable.

(a) Jaundiced              (b) sovereign              (c) sacrosanct             (d) immaculate           (e) unbiased

34. A strategy much more subtle in its approach and far more ——-in its implication has been fashioned by him.

(a) Diabolical             (b) penurious              (c) punish                    (d) communal                         (e) frugal

35. When ever there is match between India and Pakistan, People from both sides go ———–

(a) Insensitive                         (b) berserk                  (c) overbearing           (d) Striking                 (e) unerring

Directions (Q. 36 to 40): Each sentence or phrase given below is followed by five words. Pick the word which is closest in meaning to the preceding phrase or sentence.

36. To float lightly through a fluid medium.

(a) Waft                      (b) out date                  (c) versed                    (d) deem                     (e) edify

37. Thoroughly acquainted with some thing and skilled in it.

(a) Atrocious              (b) oblique                  (c) versed                    (d) bashful                  (e) informed

38. Noise and tumult, bustle and clamour.

(a) Hiatus                    (b) uproar                    (c) blaze                      (d) explosion              (e) violation

39. A news paper of half size sheet, consisting mostly of picture and is often sensational.

(a) News                     (b) chaff                      (c) magazine               (d) chronicle               (e) tabloid

40. Occurring here and there, now and then.

(a) Plebian                  (b) imperative             (c) contagious                         (d) frequent                 (e) sporadic

Directions (Q. 41 to 50): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

DOTCOM woes could not have come at a better time for America’s defense and aerospace industry, whose pool of engineers has dwindled to near crisis levels as science and technology talent jumped ship for tech startups.

While some Internet companies are falling apart, defense industry leaders say technical workers are beginning to return, slowing the high rate of attrition and turnover that has worried aerospace executives, legislators and Wall Street. Still, the problem of depleted talent pools remains serious. US defense contractors have a graying work force that is quickly nearing retirement, fewer recruits from a college population that increasingly opts against studying science, and young technicians eyeing higher wages in other sectors.

“It’s still very much a burning platform, this attrition issue,” said Phil Cheney, vice president of engineering at Raytheon Co. “Now we’re getting some people back and in this environment we welcome them back. They’re good people, but we’re not anywhere near where we want to be.” Northrop Grumman Corp., which makes communications and information technology systems for surveillance and battle management, said staff turnover has reached 25 percent. Jim Roche, president of the company’s Electronic Sensors and Systems Sector, told an investors meeting that 12 percent of his employees and 6 percent of managers soon will be eligible to retire. “We have had difficulty with staffing,” he said. In 1999 42 percent of the U.S. aerospace work force was between the ages of 45 and 64, according to the Aerospace Industries Association. About I percent was older than 65 while, at the other end of the age spectrum, only 17 percent of the aerospace work force was between 25 and 34. “We are aware our work force is older than usual,” said James Feting, spokesman for Lockheed Martin Corp., which makes jet fighters, missiles and communications and control systems. As the industry consolidated, he said, senior workers were kept on, contributing to the higher average age of employees.

MASS RETIREMENT UNLIKELY: “If they were all to retire at one time in huge lumps over the next five to 10 years, that would be an issue,” Fetig said. “But it’s very doubtful.” Executives at Raytheon, Litton and Northrop Grumman echoed Fetig’s view while industry watchers noted that the retirement issue makes holding on to younger workers more crucial.

Seasoned engineers, particularly software systems engineers, have been courted by Internet startups, high-tech and software firms touting cutting edge technology development and golden stock options packages.

As stock prices crumbled, some of their employee stock options became worthless, helping decimate

Internet companies. Since the first half of 200, some once high-profile Web start ups have gone belly up, laying off workers and selling out to larger firms as their stock prices deflated. That has brought engineers crawling back, executives said. “With the bursting of the dot-com bubble, we’re beginning to see a lot of people coming back,” said Tim Long, vice president of of strategic communications and market development at Litton PRC, the information technology group of military shipbuilder Litton industries “People are coming back to companies that have a sense of adult supervision, he said. As for the next generation of technical talent, industry executives and human resources departments say recruiting became harder as the number of high school graduates pursuing science degrees tumbled. The slide began in the 1980s. The number of bachelor’s degrees in engineering and engineering technologies fell 16 percent between 1986-1987 and 1991-1992 and another 3 by 1996-1997, the most recent Department of Education data shows.


“Enrollments at engineering schools have definitely dropped, and mean while the requirement for people keeps growing,” Raytheon’s Cheney noted.

As the number of engineering degrees fell, the popularity of biology, education, health sciences and visual arts jumped, the Education Department says. That has pushed some firms to start recruiting even earlier to encourage high schools to take engineering courses and then jobs with defense contractors. Litton, the largest builder of non-nuclear ships for the U.S. Navy. Has coordinated outreach efforts with high schools, particularly in Northern Virginia, to combat its roughly 19-to-20 percent turnover rate.

Raytheon, maker of missiles and weapons control systems, said it tries to reach high school and elementary school-age children, giving money through a foundation for science-related education. The company’s retirees also have formed a group that tutors students in their local school systems.

With high school recruiting efforts and the trickle of workers returning from dot-com stints, companies are cautiously optimistic about having begun to ease fears of a brain drain threatening the nation’s defense technology. But industry analysts caution against dismissing the issue altogether.

“While the massacre of the dot-coms may have tempered some of the allure of jobs outside of defense, anecdotal evidence suggests that most defense companies will have to manage this issue very tightly,” Merrill Lynch analyst Byron Callan Said.

41. What is /are the problems being faced by defence and aerospace industries of USA?

I. Large turn over of staff.

II. The work force in getting older than usual.

III. Legislation prohibits non-Americans from working in strategic industries like defence and aerospace.

IV. Fewer American students are opting for engineering degree.

(a) I, II and IV             (b) I, II and III             (c) I and II                   (d) II, III                      (e) I, II, III

42. What is the meaning of the work attrition in above passage?

(a) Organisational friction                             (b) Organisational amity

(c) Natural wastage                                        (d) Animosity

(e) War of words

43. What is the percentage of persons working in aerospace industries having age above 65 years?

(a) 1%                         (b) 6%                         (c) 12%                       (d) 24%                       (e) None of above

44. Bursting of bubble has been blessing in disguise for defence related industries. Why?

(a) Stock value of defence related industries boomed

(b) Acute staffing problem in likely to ease.

(c) Defence related industries are now getting the best available talents.

(d) All the above

(e) None of the above

45. Which of the following company exclusively caters for Navy’s requirement?

(a) Raytheon Co.                                            (b) Lockheed Martin Corp.

(c) Litton                                                        (d) Northrop Grumman

(e) All of the above

46. Which of the following company is not a defence hardware producing company?

(a) Northrop Grumman                                  (b) Lockheed Martin Corp

(c) Raytheon Co                                             (d) Merrill Lynch

(e) All of the above

47. What led to the decimation of high profile internet companies?

(a) Laying off of workers and selling out to larger firms.

(b) Steep fall in stock prices of Internet start ups.

(c) Shortage of seasoned engineer.

(d) All of the above

(e) None of the above

48. The gradual fall in students opting for engineering stream started in the year.

(a) 1975                      (b) 1980                      (c) 1991                      (d) 1994                      (e) 1997

49. To make students opt for engineering course, what steps have been taken by some defence related companies?

(a) Cultivating students in school to opt for science related subjects through a foundation.

(b) By recruiting at an earlier age so as to encourage students of High School to study engineering.

(c) The company’s retirees tutor students in twin local school system.

(d) Only A and B

(e) All the above

50. According to Education department which branch of study has witnessed gradual fall in admission?

(a) Biology                 (b) Health services     (c) Engineering           (d) visual arts             (e) All of the above

Answer these Questions:-





































































































SSC LDC Sample Paper
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