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  • Tamilnadu Board SSLC Exam Question Paper Bio chemistry

  •  Tamilnadu Board SSLC Question Paper Bio Chemistry

    Sample Paper – 2012

    Subject – Bio Chemistry

    1. What is monophosphate cleavage?
    2. Define the characteristics of cancer cells.
    3. Explain exonucleases.
    4. Describe char gaffs rule.
    5. What is the importance of bile salts?
    6. what do you mean by essential fatty acids? Explain with a suitable example.
    7. Write the method of activate methhionine.
    8. How can we
  • Tamilnadu Board SSLC Exam Question Paper Computer Science

  •  Tamilnadu Board SSLC Question Paper Computer Science

    Sample Paper – 2012

    Subject –  Computer Science

    1. What is operator overloading. what is the rule of operator overloading? define.
    2. Write the difference between call by value and call by reference of functions in C++?
    3. Mention Nested-if statement with a suitable example.
    4. Write the method of generate reports in Star office base.
    5. Define
  • Tamilnadu Board SSLC Exam Question Paper Zoology

  • Tamilnadu Board SSLC Question Paper Zoology

    Sample Paper – 2012

    Subject – Zoology

    1. What do you mean by marasmus? Write its symptoms.
    2. How many types of Hernia?.
    3. Write the meaning of dislocation of joints. Classify them.
    4. Write the definition of bronchitis. Mention its types.
    5. Write briefly on Alzheimer’s disease.
    6. Define any six symptoms of Grave’s disease.
    7. Mention the vaccines developed