What makes IAS the best job in india


Current trends indicate that Government jobs are being preferred again and due to two recessions back to back people are turning again for secured government jobs. Indian youth is choosing job security over high pay cheques. But do you know what are the most coveted and demanded government jobs in India. Obviously IAS tops the list , anyone can say that without a pause. In three years the number of students appearing for the exam reached an all time high figure of 4 lacs which is just double the number of students taking the exam 2 years ago.

Aspirants range from graduates , IITians , Medical students, People pursuing higher studies in US to sons of farmers in bihar. Its everyone dream to clear the mother of all EXAMS, CSE.

What makes Indian Administrative Services (IAS) so Great ?

IAS is undoubtedly the king of all professions in india. I have seen many people leaving fundoo companies and the great american dream and going for it. What makes it so great have endless reasons. Some of them are –

  • Toughness of the exam – Its the toughest exam in india and hence people get ultra high respect after clearing the exam. Sometimes 4-5 attempts are not enough for most brilliant student out there in getting through it. Its the toughness which makes it so great. Being an IIT 10 GPA holder or a JNU topper don’t guarantee you success in this grueling exam. What it requires is great courage and abstinence from world for few years with a high belief on yourself.


  • Power – India is a country of JUGAAD. Everything can be done easily and life can be like amul butter if you have contacts. But if you are a simple going person with no contacts at all, then even if you are earning lacs and lacs of rupees per month, you will be humiliated and harassed at every point of time in india. Even Constables working at the lowest strata of indian police can become a pain in your A$$ if you have just money. It never sells in india, having just money. You need to have contacts.                              IAS here steals the show with their ultra high power. The red light on the top of ambassador is the thing for which many people appear for the exam. No, one is above you and even if politicians are above you , they can not bend you if you love transfers. State government can’t take action against any IAS officer without taking permission from MHRD. Once you clear the exam, the world becomes upside down your you. The police officers who frightened you till now become the most helpless people in your eyes.IAS Officers have contacts with the IAS officials working at the top notch positions at each and every department of Government. They can create problems and solve them for you as well. If they are friends of yours, they can just smoothen your work struck somewhere in india, but if they are your enemy, God helps you.


  • Money – After six pay commission the in hand salary of an IAS have become a whopping Rs. 86,000.Plus the perks like Vehicles, housing ,telephone and travelling allowances make it even bigger. Although its bitter but its true that most IAS officers fall in corruption and earns crores of rupees per year from it.


  • Parents Dream –90% of the indian parents dream their son to be IAS officers. Because of the social pyramid of india, most of the indians have moved from smaller towns to bigger ones. Due to this 90% of the grand parents live in smaller towns and villages where the market value of IAS is very high. So almost all the grandparents will proudly die  if one of the grand kid becomes IAS. Once you clear the exam the relatives in whose eyes you were nothing become your greatest friend instantly. Even if you return from HARVARD or become a millionaire , you will never get such hype and respect in smaller towns or villages, once you become a Civil servant.


Which is the best Coaching institute for IAS in India ?
90% of the IAS crackers go to delhi for preparing the exam, even if for 3-4 months. Its the mecca for IAS. If Kota is meant for IIT , Delhi is meant for IAS. Aspirants in large number prepare for the exam in rajinder nagar and jia sarai toil hard for years for this prestigious exam. Although there are numerous coaching institutes in india for IAS, but Vajiram and Ravi is the best for IAS. The method of selection is first come first serve basis. People stand in queue sice midnight for hours on Admission dates. The other ones which are also Good are Rau’s IAS and sriram IAS.
Which are the most popular Optional subjects for IAS ?

The most popular subjects are Public administration and Psychology while the least popular subjects are maths and literature.

Why most IAS officers are from Bihar ?
Its because of the social structure of Bihar. Most of them come from small towns and villages where the IPO of IAS is very huge. People are trated like Bollywood heroes after clearing the exam. No state have such craze and madness about this exam as bihar holds. The other reason being lack of private jobs in bihar, which prevent bihari students from joining any private job and getting carried away from the great bihari dream.


No matter how many new types of jobs come or go, IAS or Civil services will still remain the queen of all jobs in India. Inspite of the inclusion of dirty politics and factors like being posted in small towns, it still open the door to a new world where you can make a diffrence which is accountable.

“Others just do Jobs, IAS do Service”

What makes IAS the best job in india
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  2. Respected sir,i want to be an IAS officer but i have no knowledge about it. I want to know the subjects of it. So please send me the subjects for which i can give the exam.

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